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Snowshoe hike with ... Tan Moon Cesuna Roana and 29 December 30, 2012 Saturday

Dal 29/12/2012 al 30/12/2012

Ciaspolata con tintarella di lunaSnowshoe hike with " ... Tan " Moon Cesuna Roana and 29 December 30, 2012

Saturday, December 29 and Sunday December 30, 2012 EquipENatura offers, in cooperation with the Alpine Hut Bar, the night with full moon snowshoe hike in the area Magnaboschi - Wheelbarrow, Asiago plateau.

An easy route, the magic of snowy Woods, a night of full moon, a hot hideaway with excellent food, a guide at your side: all this makes a simple excursion a ' experience to remember!

It is a snowshoe hike in the beautiful area of ' the Asiago plateau, you will cross the snowy forests of Magnaboschi and Zovetto to emerge in the plain of Busa Wheelbarrow surrounded by a Nordic landscape; then you will reach the hut where there waits a warm refreshments.

The meeting is set for Saturday or Sunday 29 December 30, 2012 at 18.00 at village Cesuna of magnaboschi cemeteries Roana.

Excursion Duration: 18.00-24.00

Fix path: easy.

Optional-overnight in indented hut the next day

' cost of trip:

Adults: euro 10

Children under 14 years old: free

Dress code: proper attire for an excursion in the mountains inveranle (rain – Sun clothing, spare parts, essential ski boots). Also necessary, water bottle and some snacks.

Dinner at the hut Alpine Bar at the promotional price of € 10,00

Snowshoes rental € 10,00



Info and reservations within 12 hours on Saturday or Sunday

Cell: equipENatura Cell: 340.2772469 328.9759934 Alpine Bar

All rights reserved.

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