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Spring concert of young musicians with Nao Takeuchi Advantag in Asiago, 17 March 2018

Saturday 17/3/2018 at 21:00
concerto di primavera dei giovani musicisti altopianesi

The Japanese soprano Nao Taleuchi in concert with the young musicians of the plateau's in Asiago

Saturday 17 March 2018, at the Church of San Rocco at Asiago, the plateau's young musicians will perform in concert, along with Nao Takeuchi, talented Japanese soprano.

The concert will begin at 21.00 hours and will be presented by prof.ssa Del Giudice.

NAO, already guest of the city of Asiago in March 2016 along with Chorus Kozukata, back to enchant the audience plateau with her powerful voice and her intense interpretation.
To assist, the white voice of 13-year-old Baha, that an with Nao in the allegro "Duetto buffo di due gatti".

John Benetti's violin, accompanied by the piano of Giulia and Lucia IIjima, will accompany the audience on a journey from classical music to contemporary, while Nicole Rigoni, on piano, will thrill listeners with the sweet Romances of Robert Schuman.

It will be a really exciting evening in the company of these young musicians, who with their passion, preparation and concentration will fall in love with every note.



I Part

"Brother Sun, Sister Moon"
soprano Nao Takeuchi
the violin John Benetti, Giulia piano Iijima

Waltz op. 69 No. 2 "Goodbye" f. Chopin
the piano Baeti

Romance op. 28 # 3 r. Schumann
the piano Nicole Rigoni

Violin Sonata op. 1 # 7 g. Tartini
the violin John Benetti, Giulia piano Iijima

"Summer moon" F.P. Tosti
boy soprano Anna Benetti, Giulia piano Iijima

Sonata op. 31 No. 3 "Hunting" L.v. Beethoven
III Minuet
IV Presto con fuoco
on piano Lucy Iijima

II Part

"Duetto buffo di due gatti" g. Rossini
boy soprano Anna Benetti, soprano Nao Takeuchi
Giulia piano Iijima

Etude op. 10 No. 4 f. Chopin
Giulia piano Iijima

"O my well-beloved" s. Interview
"O mio babbino caro" from Gianni Schicchi Puccini
"Quando m'en vo ' " from La Boheme Puccini
soprano Nao Takeuchi
John Benetti, piano violin Lucia Iijima

"You raise me up"
soprano Nao Takeuchi
John Benetti, piano violin Lucia Iijima

"Hana wa saku"
boy soprano Anna Benetti, soprano Nao Takeuchi
on piano Lucy Iijima


Nao Takeuchi Born in Iwate in 1998. He began his studies with the choir Kozukata which WINS by 17 times the gold medal in the Japan National Choral Competition. She sang as a choir member in various concerts in Florence, Milan, Venice and Asiago. In 2017 Nao he won the gold medal at the National Singing Competition in Tokyo. After winning the scholarship was admitted as an honorary student at the University of music in Kunitachi in Tokyo. In February 2018 she performed at the first round of the Davis Cup World Group between Japan and Italy.

Baeti Born in 2005. Just 12 years in September 2017, has passed the exam certification preaccademico of the solfeggio and cycle in March 2018 examining the cycle of piano at the Conservatorio Dall'Abaco (VR).
He studied singing under the guidance of M° a. Cardenas of WADA and piano with M° s. Iijima.

John Benetti Born in 2002. He began studying violin with M° f. Carollo. In 2017 has participated at the "town of Bardolino" winning the 3° prize. In 2017 has passed the exams preaccademici of the cycle of music theory and at the Conservatorio Dall'Abaco (VR). At present he continues his studies with M° S. Antonello of Conservatory a. Pedrollo (VI).

Giulia Iijima Born in 2001. In 2013 in Milan he won the 1 St Prize big. at the international competition Young Talents with Orchestra. In 2015, only 13 he entered the Conservatorio Dall'Abaco finishing in 1 St place at the Academy. In 2016 won the 1° prizes big. the competition Inter. "European Music Competition" (TR) and the title of "g. Rospigliosi." (PT).

Nicole Rigoni Born in 2000. He began studying piano with M° s. Iijima and in 2013 comes at the Conservatory a. Pedrollo (VI) finishing in 1 St place. In 2015 and 2016 won 2° prize at Inter. "Town of Piove di Sacco" and in 2017 won 2nd Prize in the competition "g. Rospigliosi".

Lucia Iijima Born in 1998. In 2013 he played Beethoven's Concerto No. 2 in Milan with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Bacau. In 2014 won the 1 St Prize big. the title of "l. Carter" and "Città di Asti". In 2016 enters the Conservatorio Dall'Abaco (VR) finishing in 1 St place of the Academy

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