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Storia di una Gabbianella-La Piccionaia the Carrara, 14 July in Lusiana

Sunday 14/7/2013 at 21:00

Storia di una Gabbianella e del Gatto che le Insegnò a Volare - Compagnia Teatrale La Piccionaia I Carrara di Carlo Presotto e Titino CarraraStoria di una Gabbianella to Lusiana with the theatre company La Piccionaia Presotto and c. t. Carrara; the 14 July

Sunday July 14 hours 21.00 in Piazza IV Novembre in Lusiana theatre company "La Piccionaia-I Carrara" will stage the show "history of a cat and gabbianella who taught her to fly", taken from the short story by Luis Sepulveda.

Show detail

DramaturgyCarlo Presotto and Tino Carrara
DirectorTitino Carrara
Con Carlo Presotto, Ahmed Abdullah, Matthew B
Tele Tale of James Green

After 500 replicas, thisstory of a Gabbianella' has become the most represented in the long history of kids Playhouse of the pigeon House.
He accompanied with his debut the surprising success of the book by Luis Sepulveda, a book out by genres, which caters well to children and adults. Proposed for the first time in the stage of the projector with the teleraccontotechnique, an original use of the camera in a closed circuit to build images, environment and emotions.

He met in his small path viewers and audience of families, participated in major national festivals, won the first prize of the jury of the children 'the Blue Bird' in Molfetta in 1999as part of the Festival 'fiabo You and I'll tell you', confirming it as one of the most popular shows and applauded.

In this New Edition (the fourth) the character of gatto Zorba back to its historic actor, Carlo Presotto, flanked by young Ahmed Abdullah and Matthew Balbo from freshness and new life to the story.
Born from the famous story by Luis Sepulveda, this staging it evokes the atmosphere, facing with the same lightness, the same irony the themes dear to the Chilean writer. On stage is the adventure of characters already familiar to the audience of children: Kengah seagulls, the surly Zorba, the bluestocking Diderot, and then Successful, the spiteful Maharaj and the evil mice.

The Narrator is the look of a camera , closed circuit, that play with small objects, invents characters and situations on a big screen that is, bias binding on the bottom of the scene. The teleracconto is the active element of the story, thanks to the skill of the interpreters, that interact; you change the relationship with reality and you lose the coincidence between the being and the appearance, to emphasize that everything can be 'different'.
A closer look, them a goose Quill can become a Seagull, a drop of ink on a sea of oil, a ball of wool, a curious cat...

Recommended age: 5 years and for families
Genre: theater actor and video
Technique: teleracconto.

All rights reserved.

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