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Sunday Enego, stories of men and dogs: Pet Therapy; the July 21

Sunday 21/7/2013 at 14:00

Storie di uomini e cani - I cani nella Pet Therapy Attività didattiche Malga 1° Lotto Valmaron EnegoStories of men and dogs: Pet Therapy in Enego the July 21

Sunday, July 21 at Enego at Malga Valmaron Lot 1° from 14.00 hours will be given instructional activities that focus on the role of dogs in Pet Therapy.

Pet Therapy

The term pet therapy (zooterapia in Italian) is generally a gentle therapybased onhuman-animal interaction.
It is a therapy that complements, strengthens and supports the traditional therapies and can be used on patients suffering from different diseases with goals of improving behaviour, physical, cognitive, psychosocial and psychological-emotional.

Pet therapy is a therapy in itself, but a co-therapy that combines traditional therapy. The purpose of these co-therapies is to facilitate themedical approach and therapeutic medical figures of various rehabilitation and especially in cases where the patient does not show spontaneous collaboration.

The presence of a pet in many cases allows to consolidate an emotional relationship with the patient and, through this report, to establish a channel of communication patient-animal-doctor both stimulate the active participation of the patient.

The 1st Batch Valmaron

The mountain overlooks the Valsugana, the Val di Tana. You notice the characteristic nozzle casoni, the large roof structures four strata, where cupertura once was made of straw, but now in stainless steel. Pastures from steep slopes, used in winter as ski slopes, in the area called Enego 2000. Near the Summit of Mount Lisser and remains preserved in good condition of strong Italiannamesake.

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