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The 2010 Review with OUR Asiago and Choir LET'S GO SINGING backing vocals Val saddle, Asiago 26/07

Saturday 26/7/2014 at 21:00
Manifesto Rassegna col Nostro Canto Andiam 2014

The 2010 Review with OUR SONG LET'S GO Chorus Chorus Asiago Val saddle and choral group Harmonia Nova of Molvena, Asiago July 26, 2014

Saturday 26 July 2014 at the Palazzo del Turismo Millepini of Asiago to 21.00 hours will host the 21st Review With our song Let's go.

Performing there will be the Choir Asiago, the Sella Valley Choir and Choral Group Harmonia Nova of Molvena.



Coro Asiago


My Bela Mi Waiting (arm. A. Benedetti Michelangeli)
Montagnes Valdôtaines (transcr. And Elab. T. Sfondrati (Born 1644))
Mamma Mia Dami Cento Lire (elab. M. Crestani)
Restena (bepi De Marzi)
Your Tissue (arm. A. Pedrotti)
Hava Nagila (elab. M. Crestani)


The Asiago Choir was founded in 1952 by a group of friends belonging to the parish schola cantorum , which decided to meet together to learn the songs of S.A.T Trento method, inspired by passion for the mountains and for the hand, supported by the friendship that had formed between them.

The debut took place on August 16, 1952 to Asiago on stage at the piazzale del Prunno, with the name of Asiago choral group.

Many years have passed since then and the Asiago Choir has earned a leading role not only in the cultural landscape of the plateau of Asiago 7 Comuni, but also of the Veneto region.

The choir currently consists of 33 elements that originate from various Municipalities of the plateau; This allowed him to grow numerically and technically, assuming a dimension never before known socio.

The choir undertakes an annual intensive activity, claiming about 20 concerts per year, even abroad, participating in numerous exhibitions and important events.



Return (Andrea Mascagni)
Siam Prisoners (Renato Dionisi)
The Boara (Andrea Mascagni)
Ta Pum! (Louis Pigarelli)
Ferdinand (Aladar Janes)
Steam Cifolo And (Louis Pigarelli)
La Pastora (Louis Pigarelli)
Benja Calastoria (Bepi De Marzi)


The Chorus Valsella of Wantirna was born in 1936, given that the ranking as the second oldest choir in Trentino. After having sifted for years the memory of the people of the Valley, picking up words and melodies of thirty tradition, has turned his attention and curiosity to the popular music of the peoples of Europe and outside Europe by opening the heart and mind to a broader knowledge.

That's the chorus came to create an identity, and it is no coincidence if the Repertoire featured songs of different countries as evidence that the song, as the mu'sica, the literature andart in General, can join at least on an emotional level and sharing of experience.

The choir boasts many awards and national and international successes, among which include concerts at the White House in the presence of President Carter, at the sala Nervi at the Vatican State in the presence of Giovanni Paolo II, in several theatres of Australia, concerts with Goran Bregovich and his Wedding and Funeral Band. In addition to concerts in the major Italian theaters, of Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, Germany, Monaco, Eritrea and ...



• M. Manor (passion and heart)

M. Lanaro (elegance and technique)
The Mountain
The Wise Hunter

M. a. Brymer (beauty)
What A Wonderful World

J. Rutter (Marvel)
For The Beauty Of The Earth

P. Hamburger (faith)
Shalom Chaverim

R. Smallwood (prayer)
Total Praise


The Harmonia Nova choral group is a formation founded in 1995 in Molvena, which pursues the musico-expressive vein of Italian and foreign folk polyphony. The use of tools has allowed us to expand the musical horizons thus creating suggestive effects and enriched the repertoire with songs of Latin American culture. The group, directed by M° Mirco Dalla Valle, organizes every year in its territory important choral festivals.
Musical experiences lived by training both in Italy and abroad, include the tour of Germany and Hungary and the first prize for Best Overall Choir at the international competition for choirs of Azzano Decimo (PN).

The choir, to mixed voices and currently consists of about 40 items, has to his credit three CD release, in which it is proposed with an anthology of choral vocal genres performed.
Starting in 2010 , the Group has collaborated with the singers of Marostica in the realization of good news by Fabrizio De André, designed on the occasion of the 10 anniversary of the death of the Genoese singer-songwriter and replicated, with great success, in many places.
In collaboration with the Choir La Valle di San Quirico, Harmonia Nova has recently created the Acoriuniti project which saw the two teams perform accompanied by an instrumental ensemble of 30 items, creating a challenging program that includes both classical (Bach, Händel, Sibelius) that pieces of authors contemporaries (Rutter, Smallwood, Miškinis, Frisina).

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