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"The Ambulancemen of Fort of Marbles" in Gallio - Sunday 2 August 2020

Sunday 2/8/2020 at 08:00
Ambulanti di Forte dei marmi a Gallio - 2 agosto 2020

The appointment with the "open-air boutiques" of Italy's most famous market event returns

Summer rages and so returns to galliO (Vicenza) the excellence of the only real and original quality market of "The Ambulances of Fort of Marbles".

The show of the famous "open-air boutiques" - with the best of made-up Italy crafts, such as leather goods (bags and shoes) of unique and exclusive craftsmanship, the best cashmere production, new fashion collections, fabrics of Florentine art and a lot of quality guaranteed by the Consortium at the best price - awaits you on Sunday, August 2 at GALLIO in the usual summer location of Via IV Novembre.

So, a day not to be missed absolutely for the many fans of theoriginal Consortium of the area! It will be the most glamorous and convenient shopping party, with continuous hours, even in badweather, from 8am to 7pm.

The famous Tuscan hawkers – now valued beyond the commercial aspect and become a real phenomenon of costume - return to the Vicentino (where they are really always highly anticipated), to bring back here the magical atmosphere of the Forte Market,synonymous with genuineness and guaranteed artisanal quality. Many ideas for purchases in an authentic show of stalls and audiences, which, not surprisingly, is now commonly referred to as "event-market".
The definition is not random, but it wants to imply theuniqueness (in the national landscape) and the cultural, as well as commercial, value of the proposal.

It is no coincidence that by now, we are talking about the Consortium "The Ambulances of Forte dei Marmi" (not only in Italy but also abroad) as an "Italian excellence". Last year, the now mythical Consortium organized over 100 stages of this show around Italy,everywhere followed by an audience of fans and fans of the genre and generating important fallout of tourism and commercial inducement for the host cities.
Among the most important cities already usually touched by the show, there are Rome (with the prestigious Patronage of the Capital), Milan, Turin, Perugia, Genoa, Savona, Monza, Bologna, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Piacenza, Pavia, Como, Cinisello Balsamo, Sixth St. John, Vigevano, Legnano, Alexandria, Asti, Novara, Vercelli, Casale Monferrato, Alba, San Donà di Piave, Belluno, Conegliano, Pordenone, Gorizia, Trieste, Fiumicino, Viterbo, San Benedetto del Tronto, La Spezia,just to name a few, just to name a few, just to name a few.


Gli ambulanti di forte dei marmiThe Consortium (single brand filing, original and recorded "The Ambulances of Fort of Marbles",born first in 2002 by the union of some of the best banks present in the historic and famous (in the world) market of Fort dei Marmi, with the aim of making the show itinerant in the national squares, has since been the subject of several attempts of imitation, however far from the original, and is engaged in the competent legal offices in defense of its originality and uniqueness of brand format. To understand what the original Consortium is and what the imitations, it is enough to look at the "date of birth" to understand who copied who (also with results all to be discussed).

What is, in fact, more original than dozens of "walking companies" d.o.c. (although, in this case, the term is as reductive as ever), coming from the historic and emblazoned location of Forte dei Marmi,one of the most exclusive destinations of world tourism? On the large sales counters you can find the best of the Tuscan and Italian tradition of quality crafts: clothing, leather goods of the highest craftsmanship (bags and shoes), the best national production of cashmere, fur, fine fabrics, household linen, porcelain, jewelry, refined Florentine art.
The quality is always strictly declined even with the utmost convenience. Banned for statute imitations and "Chinese" of little value, it is on the benchesof "The Ambulances of Fort of Marbles"that you will find the new fashion trends,often also taken up by many fashion blogs and female magazines.

"Ours is an invitation - explains the President of the Consortium, Andrea Ceccarelli - to be wary of any attempt to imitate and evaluate, instead, passing directly between our desks, the quality of our goods and the coordinated image of our stalls.  Our brand is now synonymous with exclusive and affordable shopping."

To know in detail the complete calendar of the dates of the markets of the traveling show of"The Ambulances of Fort of Marbles®" you can consult the only official website (beware of "fakes") www.gliambulantidifortedeimarmi.it, from which you can also access the Facebook page of more than 135,000 real and certified fans and the App of the Consortium.

Quality event with "The Ambulances of Fort of Marbles®"
Sunday 2 August 2020 – Via IV November – GALLIO (Vicence)
From 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. with continuous hours even in bad weather


All rights reserved.

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