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The BAULE art exhibition ELIO NAVA in Asiago from August 7 to September 1

Dal 7/8/2013 al 1/9/2013

Mostra Il Baule di Elio NavaThe BAULE art exhibition ELIO NAVA at the Galleria d'Arte Busellato such 7 August to Asiago from 1 September

Wednesday, August 7, 2013 is inaugurated in the halls of the Galleria d'Arte Busellato di Asiago underway November 4, 86 the staff of themilanese artist Nancy Nava. The exhibition will remain open daily until Sunday 1 September with the following schedule: 10-12 .30 | 16-19 .30 and will be available online at www.galleriabusellato.com

In addition to paintings, the exhibition features a small collection of painted sculpture: masks of carnivals and fictional characters, a kind of fantastic Theatre staff.


Busellato art gallery, November 4 Course, 36012 ASIAGO 86 (VI)
Tel. 0424 464081 - [email protected]


The event entitled "the trunk of elio_nava", was organised for the Central period of the summer asiaghese and collects the latest oil paintings made by the artist.
Riding between reality and fantasy, the view looks like a real magical tale, where Nava, through his pictorial themes with the minutia of medieval cartographer and colouration typical of landscapers in Northern Europe.

Nancy Nava was born in Milan on September 15, 1954. In the 70 years he attended theAccademia di Belle Arti di Brera and began his artistic activity in Milan in the early 80. In 1990 he was selected by the Museo Nazionale delle Arti Naives of Luzzara, Reggio Emilia, the top national institution established by Cesare Zavattini, which houses the works of the greatest Italian artists.  At Luzzara WINS three times the first prize (the Medal of the President of the Republic) and three times qualifies in second place.

Three of his paintings are exhibited permanently at the Museum from which it obtained in 1997 the award of "master of Naive Art" qualifying in first place during the annual review. Among the numerous personal and collective exhibitions are those held in Varenna (Lecco)-international art exhibition, atAntoniano di Bologna, Gallery Pro Arte Kasper Morges (Switzerland) and the important monographic exhibition at Palazzo Garland in Milan. In 1996 he published the book "the hands of Spannocchia, a pictorial path created through the tale, where the artist focuses its research on the world of masks and the North European and Italian carnivals.

In 1998 the City of Brugherio dedicated a beautiful solo exhibition entitled " Castles in the air in the rooms of Palazzo Garland.
In 2004 is presented under the patronage of the Vicenza province a great artist's anthological exhibition at the Galleria d'Arte Busellato of Asiagor and at the nearby Gaarten Hotel meeting room of gallium.

In August 2010 he published the new book "The Belfelicello Butterfly" in which the artist continues the great fable depicted in "the hands of Spannocchia. The second part presents a cycle of more than 30 works great made in different years. A fantastic journey between Venice and Milan full of new forms and new protagonists that Nava has discovered in its incessant search. From square's festivities, galas in Venetian palaces, from the fantastic balloon flights to markets scenes, Elio Nava takes us into the world of fantasy, in a never-ending tale of Carnival festivities and curiosity.

Nancy Nava is currently considered among the leading contemporaries of internationalNaive Art . His work is documented by a rich bibliography and is often featured in major magazines and art publication.

Mongolfiere Fantastiche ad Asiago di Elio Nava

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