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The book ALTABURG YOU CAN LOVE a FAIRY Datta hammer, Asiago on August 13

Tuesday 13/8/2013 at 17:30

Altaburg Si Può Amare Una Fata? di Paola MartelloPresentation book ALTABURG YOU CAN LOVE a FAIRY Datta Hammer, Bancroft, John Gow and Pierangelo Tamiozzo, Asiago on August 13

Tuesday, 13 August at 17.30 hours at the Council Hall of Asiago will take place the presentation of the book by Paola Hammer "Altaburg you can love a fairy?". Poem dedicated to images of impossible loves, with the participation of Bancroft, John Gow and Pierangelo Tamiozzo


I picked up pieces of thoughts, poems, pictures, little pieces of my life and
my work. I took a legend of seven Municipalities Plateau Vicentini, the most mysterious and intriguing and I entered the tiles along the plot by creating this book.

I thought the contradictions could be the main ingredients, like they are often in the game of life. Zavraalso, the protagonist, feel that there is no consistency in what it proposes to do, but also knows that it is not worth living without chasing dreams. Dissatisfied with their lives, goes looking for Hydra, Queen of fantasy that she appeared in a dream it.

Zavra asks: can you love a being an illusion? You can find it? What lies beyond our world? Is there a size as opposed to the real one? And that's the decision that accrue the doubts: will seek Hydra because it is worth risking to find the ideal love and to make sure that there is something that goes beyond the reality. Zavra you put it out to go to theAltaburg where he lives, according to legend, Queen of fantasy. The reader will discover, page after page, the obstacles that the poet will face along the way. It was an impossible love her?

In life there are mirages: the aspirations for a better world, dreams in the drawer and the passions of love. For many men, try to realize them makes life satisfying and worthy of being lived. This image poem is dedicated to all gli amori impossibili and those people chasing ideals despite the road ahead is paved with danger and sometimes cause pain.

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