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The city of baby little Red Riding Hood L ' aprisogni Company Asiago Monday July

Monday 16/7/2012

Cappuccetto Rosso Compagnia Aprisogni Asiago

The city of baby " little Red Riding Hood " " L ' aprisogni Company " Asiago Monday July 16, 2012

With Asiago begins the week dedicated to families and children, program "the city of child".

Monday July 16, 2012, at Piazzetta Monte Zebio to Asiago, the puppet theater company and figure "L ' Aprisogni" will present the showlittle Red Riding Hood" ".

The ' event, which will entertain the children and parents, will begin at 16:30.



Fairy tale for narrator and puppets-one act freely adapted from the popular narrative collected by the Grimm.

First prize at the International Festival of theatre for children of Porto Sant'Elpidio (AP) ed. ' 97 national competition "the figures of the future".

Single premium of the jury at the Festival of young Puppeteers of Amalfi and. '98 national contest "new hands".

First prize of the jury at the Festival "Alla Corte del Tavà ' Albese con Cassano (CO) and. ' 98.


Production: "The APRISOGNI"

By and with: Christina Carlson and Paul Saldari

Director: " L ' APRISOGNI "

Arrangement: Christina Carlson and Paul Saldari

DURATION: 50 minutes

Age: from 3 to 100 years

TECHNIQUE: kaleidoscop with piecewise facial furniture and storytelling

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: the space 4 x 4 m; minimum height 2.70 m; 3 Kw; 220 volts; Dark recommended but not essential; audience seating at least 3 m away; 2 hours, disassembly Assembly 1 hour

Little Red Riding Hood " " is the mother of all fairy tales! There is no child, no matter how small or large in television, which did not know.

Why, then, put it on stage? Tell once again a story much exploited, why? Resting on the safe side, that the young inherent spectator tries to recognize and follow a storyline that ben knows, where the natural fears balance with the prediction of a calming, we put in place a " other games " trying to make " which is different " a necklace of sparkling surprises.

The STORY: through an amused, acidulous reinterpretation in Dynamics " " triangle between the speaker, the audience and the puppets in the shack, the magic will thin that can transform the tale in its history. Even the characters you can imagine resembling someone we know, with his home, their " and " fife personal reactions to the situation of the moment.




The Narrator: Cristina and his chair

Little Red Riding Hood: bimba bella, bionda e gentile (maybe)

Mom: apron and recommendations to no end

Her grandmother Maria: helpless ma non troppo

The Hunter Ubaldo: eye squinting, but infallible rifle



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