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The evening in honor of Captain Henry alpini Busa di Salcedo

Monday 4/8/2014 at 20:45

Serata dedicata a Enrico Busa

Monday, August 4 at 20:45 at theAuditorium of Gallium there will be a meeting with Roger Dal Molin and Luca Garcia and introduced by the parent company of the Alpine passes of Salcedo Ivano Pasqualeto commemorate the deeds ofheroic Captain of alpini Henry Busa. Will also feature the Choir "La Voce del Tesena" of Sandrigo.

The Captain Henry Busa fell within the dramatic and decisive events that took place on the Italian front from November 13 to December 5, 1917 when, due to the enemy's breakthrough occurred on theIsonzo, the retreat of the 4th Army, from Cadore to Grappa, forced the troops stationed on thePlateau to make a backward rush critical to align with the new lineup employed by theItalian Army.

Were those moments of extreme decisive and gravity. You rightly celebrated and equally large dutifully made d'arme happened on Kent, on Zovetto and une mise au point, on three mountains, to m. Zebio and m. Ortigara, but unfortunately it is often underestimated or even ignored what happened on Melette during those terrible days when it was necessary to curb as much as possible the opponent emboldened and rampant toward the Po Valley.

The desperate defense of Melette had exactly the purpose of delaying the enemy threat, the Grappa is fighting a battle of all parallel and equally decisive.

The choice of maintaining as much as possible, the possession of Melette, on which were already performed great defensive work due to Strafexpeditions, prevented the opposing artillery to extend rapidly on thePlateau 's Eastern and you can then act on the nearby m. Grappa.

Enrico Busa medaglia

It was a crucial decision and that will be the recognition of the same opponents at the time, but whose price will be surely very high; Suffice it to say that in the days ofultimate strength, the 4 and December 5, 1917, of 29th Italian Division, among all the most sacrificed, you save only 2000 men.

The Cap. Busa, within that context, he was sent with his 300 ^ company of Marmolada battalion to take desperate action to try to close the loophole created by side of m. Fior and m. Lyon, where they were at that time numerous Italian departments employed in defending the Melettenode, action which Busa returned no more.

Immortalized by the poignant pages of famous "Sun shoes" by Paolo Monelli , given the great friendship between the two dedicated the book, the alpini Captain Henry Busa is part of the large group of unknown heroes.
This evening would be a tribute, a tribute to a great gallant vicentino which risked being forgotten.

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