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The performance of the band Attilio Boscato, Fontanelle 1st May 2014

Thursday 1/5/2014

Banda Musicale Attilio Boscato di FontanelleThe celebration with a performance Band Attilio Muhammed, Fontanelle 1 may 2014

Thursday, 1 may 2014, workers ' Party, the band Attilio Muhammed will perform at piazza a Fontanelle of Conco, Asiago plateau.


At the beginning of the years ' 80, thanks to the idea of Mr. Antonio Alberti, gave the announcement to Church of the opening of entries to a musical orientation course, held by master Villanova, which many joined with great enthusiasm.

In 1982 it began on 2° frquentato course by about 35 students under the guidance of Maestro Attilio Muhammed who oversaw part instruments bringing students to the first performance in public already in November 1982 on the occasion of the feast of the Madonna della Salute.

Thanks to the contribution of the local Pro Loco settled existing instruments and acquired new ones.

Between 1985/86 they reached a number of 58 items, very young, so that the complex, during a demonstration in Chioggia, was given the title of "younger Band del Veneto" (average age 14 years).

The direction of the group in the late ' 80 is passed to President Guerrino Bertacco and Maestro Alberto Dinale who lead the group though not numerous as in the past, in fact, today has about 25 musicians and a dozen new students.

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