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Theatre VENETIAN WORDS IN LANGUAGE with TIP and p. Costalunga, Rotzo 27 July

Sunday 27/7/2014 at 20:30
Spettacolo Parole Venete in punta di lingua

VENETIAN WORDS Theatre at the TIP of tongue with Pino Costalunga and Glossa Rotzo Theatre Company, the Asiago plateau, the July 27, 2014

Sunday 27 July 2014 to 20.30 hrs at the Elementary Schools of Rotzo, Asiago plateau, will stage the theatrical Venetian Words in language tip of Glossa Theatre Company.


Venetian words in tip of tongue

Con Pino Costalunga (Narrator)
Musical AccompanimentSergio Marchesini and Giorgio
Hunchback of Piccola Bottega Baltazar
DirectorPino Costalunga

With the Word begins the story of humanity and so our Show: a story between the serious and the fun of what it meant and means the word and, in particular, the word of the veneto dialect or dialects of Veneto. Because the word that Papadimitriou has been donated by MOM with lullabies and nursery rhymes, we then used to understand how the world is made and then again to try and explain to others and to the world. Someone has also used and uses it to convinceothers to seduce, some for fun, others for excite, some for hurt, others for healing.

The word is still there for us to communicate. And our particular Venetian tradition – like many local or regional traditions-there is the testimony, since further away, both by oral tradition that a literary word "vulgar" (in the etymological sense of the term) that often had to struggle with the language, Latin and Italian before then (if not with other languages), with the word "captured". The dialect, the amalgam of feelings, in this incontro\scontro with the "language" has always produced and still produces at times so explosive mixtures that may intrude with more comedy unleashed but often also with art, sometimes even with thehigh art of poetry.

So in our show a cheerful journey through childhood memories, and not only that, the attore\autore, the tragicomic experiences her first relationship with the English language – and later with other languages that he faced – the funny story of a such that grew up with the veneto dialect had to reckon for good or evil with his tongue. All embellished by literary testimonies always very funny (as the veronese Riddle or those linguistic phenomena that are the latinus grossus macaronic or preachers and writers up to 16th-century Meneghello and other Venetian composers). They touch so all funny records of misunderstandings and storpiamenti (think of the whole range of popular prayers and reinvented) to create a Show that with lightness and joy touches the fundamental theme of our language and who we are. The songs of Piccola Bottega Baltazar season the evening with original music, as well as fish from the register of authors who have dealt with this topic.


TheGlossa Theatre cultural association was founded in November of ' 96 as normal continuation and development of a previous activity linked to the Theatre and Culture more generally. Soul and founder of the Association is the actor, Director and songwriter Pino Costalunga, for years engaged not only in the creation of theatrical and musical performances as actor, Director or author with different Companies Venete and not, as well as animator of numerous training Workshops for young people and teachers, as well as curator and creator of many theatre or theatre events connected to it.


Vicentino, actor, Director, author and theatre trainer. For years the theatre practice and holds workshops in Italy and abroad. He studied acting, MIME, tap-dance etc. Working in the theatre as an amateur actor, then begins to exercise the profession, has worked and collaborated with several companies, and the Veneto (including: TAG Teatro of Venice, Dovecot, Milanese Theatre Company, Gran Teatro delle Calabrie, Studio Three of Perugia, Cagliari Actores Alidos etc.) and was directed by directors, including: Chris Chaplin, Orazio Costa Giovangigli, Pine Manzari, Georg Bintrup, Paolo Trevisi, Giorgio Marini etc.


Glossa Theatre

via Trento 28 36010 Monticello Conte Otto (VI)
Tel. 0444 595773
Email info@glossateatro.it

All rights reserved.

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