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Theatrical 20th century pianist on Ocean ' Theatre Company estragon, Asiago

Saturday 13/4/2013 at 21:00

Compagnia Teatro Estragone ad AsiagoTheatrical " 20th century pianist on Ocean ' " Theatre Company estragon, Asiago Saturday, April 13, 2013

The theatre "Theatre Winter" to Asiago ends Saturday, April 13, 2013.

The Pro Loco Asiago and Stone decided to close the show with the show "20th century pianist on Ocean '", staged by Tarragon Theatre Company, directed by Carla Manzon.

This is a series of excerpts from the opera ' "1900" by Alessandro Baricco.

This play won first prize for Best Director and best actress at the regional competition in Trieste "theme Theater" in 2007.

The ' event will take place at the teatro Millepini di Asiago, 21:00 hours.

Thus concludes the 2012/2013 Theatre of Asiago, full of fun and exciting performances.

The Pro Loco Association invites all interested persons to buy in advance the ' subscription or tickets for individual shows vista l ' number of visitors recorded last year.



The history of the twentieth century is born and ends on the Virginian, a ship that contains thousands of stories, speaks of the journey for the much-dreamed America, describes many people, immigrants, rich people, ordinary people .... but their passage is only the backdrop to the real protagonist, a pianist from extraordinary cleverness which sent his spectators into ecstasy.

20th century Danny Boodman T.D.: Novecento Lemon is the main character of this legend: born or rather abandon nato, on the first day of the first year of the old century on a ship spends his whole life without ever descend.

The ship becomes his home, his family and nine hundred discovers the world through it, through the people who ran the bridges and listened to his music.

"His" music, the only one that could give him a sense of infinity in finite universe that little ship, one that allows him to enchant his desires and anestetizzarne pain that dragging behind. In the twentieth century just that world, that ship, the ocean, those 88 keys with which to create an infinite world.




Subscriptions: Entire 65 € Reduced 55 €

The reduction is the responsibility of the people over the age of 65 years and to holders of 2012/2013 Cineforum card

Subscriptions for students(including those registered at ' University for adults and senior citizens): 40 €

Single ticket for non-subscribers: full 10 € Reduced: 8 €


Presales at the 'tourist information Office of the municipality of Asiago Tel 0424 464081

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