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Theatrical show by and with ALESSANDRO BERGONZONI at Asiago, Millepini May 4, 20

Sunday 4/5/2014 at 21:00

Alessandro Bergonzoni a teatroPlay "LINKS" and with ALESSANDRO BERGONZONI at Asiago, Millepini May 4, 2014

Sunday 4 may at the Palazzo del Turismo di Asiago Millepini from 21.00 hours will be held the theatrical LINKS with Alessandro Bergonzoni.

Links — but also wire connections and pulled, plots and networks, woven and interwoven to link up with the rest of the planet. Or rather the universe. Because it is just that the core and new play button of the bolognese artist: the absolute necessity to simultaneously live and connected with other lives, other horizons, other experiences, not necessarily only human and that we can afford over the paths I ended up expanding to a "we" really universal. Bergonzoni, for this fourteenth show he wrote and starred in and directed, with Richard Rodolfi, is then in a dramatic, absolute solitude in the middle of a comic surrounded by a cosmogony scenography "untimely", which he conceived, struggling with a text that sometimes might also be, and this is a real novelty, a candid and poetic existential confession. Without sacrificing his disruptive stereoscopic vision which has become, in recent years, complex matter, comically and woven in a surplus ever closer between creation-observation-deduction. But surely the "Links" bergonzoniani, and their subsequent staging, show us that personal, revealing the true stylistic of this artist, who brings many times thanks to laughter, astonishment at the revelation.


After attending the Academy Antoniana and after graduating in law, he began his artistic collaboration with Claudio Calabrò. Already from his early plays, Bergonzoni develops the themes that characterize comedians in his figure as an artist: theabsurd comic, the refusal of the real as artistic reference and the ability to "play" with language to create surrealistic paradoxical situations.

His debut only 24 years with the theatrical Scemeggiata (1982). In the 1986 television programme, broadcast on Rai Uno and hosted by Loretta Goggi, the beauty of live.

It is only since 1987, however, that the first awards gets Bergonzoni, both from critics, with special mention of premio I.D.I. 1988 for the show is not dead nor Flic or Floc, which by the general public. "Televisivamente" is discovered by Maurizio Costanzo, and between 1988 and 1989 increased its holdings in television and radio programmes, including Buona Domenica, Maurizio Costanzo Show and Babel.

In the same period begins a series of meetings with students and high schoolers on the subjects of comedy, meetings that last until today. Collaborates with the Emilia-Romagna's Edition of La Repubblica editing a weekly column entitled the s aturday of Alessandro Bergonzoni.
In 1989 he won with Land whales remain seated the Palme d'Or as best book of Bordighera comedian of the year. From this book comes alive the eponymous stage play that will tour for over two years. In 1991 he began his collaboration with Radio2 for which take place over 140 episodes of three series of three-minute daily broadcasts each: shut up you hear everything, the wind has a nice little nose and sguazzino Mission.

In 1998 he was invited by the Italian Institute of culture in Paris to present a summary of his plays, this does make the decision to translate his Zius play in French. The following year he published the book Opplero-story of a jump.

Among other collaborations and other work (Coma reading in the 2001 White Paper in 2002, and three years of Glaring 33 replicas), in 2003 writes the screenplay of his first feature film. Attended the September 8, 2007 v-day organized by Beppe Grillo in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna.
In May 2009 he was invited to speak at Oxford University Italian Society. In 2008 and in 2009, holds master classes at the Festival della Filosofia dguest Modena-Carpi-Sassuolo.

The show is part of the 2013-14 Season at Teatro Millepini di Asiago, which from November to may will bring staged classics and contemporary works, comedies, tragedies, humor, music, offering opportunities for reflection and enjoyment.


PRICES in 2013-14 SEASON


Entire $ 85
Reduced € 70
Students € 55


Entire $ 10
Reduced and students € 8


Over 65 and holders of 2013-2014 Cineforum card of Cinema Lux of Asiago.


Open to all students, including university students and college students-elderly adults.



0424 462221
Carli, 56 square – Asiago


0424 460003
Via Millepini, 1 – Asiago

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