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Theatrical show in Enego curated by the "Friends of the Remondini Theatre" - January 2, 2020

Thursday 2/1/2020 at 20:00

Show in Veneto in Enego

The theatre company"Friends of the Teatro Remondini"gives you an appointment Thursday, January 2, 2020,in Enego,for an evening of theater in the Venetian language!

At the Palace of Culture and Tourism,starting at 8 p.m.,Ernesto Andrea De Biasio'sshow"Nobility de Undez'onze"will be staged.


A comedy that from the first bars highlights the falsehood of a system of life, which wants to preserve a noble rank, detached from the real problems that distress the family existence of two nobility in comparison.
The falsehood and futility of the two counterparts induces the protagonist to correct this behavior, so with panache and a disarming frankness he invents some blows of
scene in an attempt to hit a target.
With difficulty he gets from all the sincere recognition of the mistakes made and in this vision, will finally be filled every prejudice. The true nobility contested by a small weight
(ounce) is now reached.
And it is only so that these noble "from undexe onze" buy the onzeta "de nobility that ghe lacked".

Characters and Interpreters

Countess Bettina Sarsegna Lucia Blancato
Count Momolo (so fio) Michele Toffano
Rocco Varigola Dante Merlo
Bernardo (so fradeo) Bruno Banzato
Madalena nobility Canaveta Vally Calligaro
(married in 2nd wedding to Bernardo)
Marta (sorea) Marilisa Bellò
Pina (Fia goddess Madalena) Dora Meneghetti
Laura (Madalena) Vanna Ferraro
Orestes (spasimante Goddess Laura) Dario Bellò
Checa (servant Madalena) Manuela Cervo
Prologue Manuela Cervo

Screenplay: Bruno Banzato
Costumes: Nadia Guidolin
Graphic: Sara Bao
Illustration: Veronica Merlo
Contributor: Lorenzina Cortese
SIAE Contact: Bruno Banzato

Directing note

The author ERNESTO ANDREA DE BIASIO was born in Venice on May 13, 1854 and died on September 2, 1883. His was a very short life, but full of works for the Venetian lagoon theater. He debuted at the age of 23 and his artistic life with his death ended at the age of 29, leaving behind immature fruits and some joyful memories of a theatrical experience that did not feel the pleasure of a true artistic maturity. At his death his friend in art, Giacinto Gallina, in the commemorative speech, drew a faithful portrait of the author extolling his deep sincerity and attitude in describing the externality and interiority of mankind, highlighting the dual reality of the his characters caught up in life where the feeling, the heart, the costume, the social classes were his creative commitment as a writer.
A perception captured by his unfiltered audience.


The company "Friends of the Remondini Theatre" was formed in September 2008. It is made up of a group of people, all volunteers, who want to give voice and identity to the amateur theater.

The director is entrusted to Mrs. Bruna Brugnerotto Manera who has chosen, until now, to stage the Venetian dialect theatre from 1700 and 1800. In the repertoire of the company there is Goldoni who does not need to be presented because he is one of the greatest exponents of the comedy of art and there are also all those authors who in 1800 wrote following the teaching of the great master as De Biasio, Hen, Wild, Pilot, etc.

Since 2009 she has been enrolled in the FITA-Federation Italian Amateur theatre- and to this day has debuted with increasing success. In recent years she has been a guest of cultural associations, pro loco and renowned theatres.

Works represented:

The Good Mother (2009) – C. Goldoni
Who Makes It (2010) – C. Goldoni
First mayor po' el piovan (2011) –E.A. De Biasio
Pessi fora de aqua (2012) – R. Wild
The pilgrims of Marostega (2013) – L. Pilotto
The Happy Prince (2014) – Adaptation: M. Carraro B. Manera Brugnerotto
The Nova House (2015) – C. Goldoni
The Invisible Protagonists – Reenactment of the Great War (2015-18) – B. Manera Brugnerotto
The Bearded in Hunger (2016) – G. Gallina
Xe arivà el castigamati (2017) – A. Boscolo
Nobility de undez'onze (2018) – E.A. De Biasio

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