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Theatrical When the country Mezzogiorno sona ... Compagnia La Barcaccia, Asiago

Tuesday 20/11/2012 at 21:00

Rassegna Teatrale 2012/2013 ad Asiago La BarcacciaTheatrical " When the country Mezzogiorno sona ... " Compagnia La Barcaccia, Asiago Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Returns, as in previous years, the Theatre "Theatre Winter" to Asiago.

The Pro Loco Asiago and Saba has organized a series of new shows that will surely have fun and passionate audience.

The first meeting will be Tuesday, November 20, 2012; the Asiago Millepini Theatre the theatre company La Barcaccia" " will perform with the show "When the country Mezzogiorno sona ...".

The event will begin at ' hours 21:00.

View the ' crowd last year we invite anyone interested to inform themselves in advance for subscriptions of review or for tickets for individual shows.




By Eugenio Ferdinando Palmieri

Director: Robert Sturm Graz

Scene: Gino Copelli

Costumes by: Kety Decks

Musical arrangements by: Julian Crivellente


In a country of the Veneto countryside, in the 1930s; in the background, fields inundated by spring, enhanced by the propaganda of the ' era in favour of rurality and increase family ' ...

Homemade Camisan comes news that his cousin Piero, from twenty-three years he emigrated to America and now enriched of proportion, he decided to return to the country of birth, where the bind distant memories and some hidden mystery.

Between the brothers and brother-in-law Camisan Pavanello, who married their sister Antonia, a fierce war to attract the favor of the rich.

On the one hand, Gregory, head of authoritative Camisan and astute, with his wife Amelia from secret passions and daughter Cecilia by sweet dreams fanciulleschi increasingly disheartened; clinging to him, the mildest brother Guelph with her son Bepi wild-eyed and Slackers; from ' the other hand, the Battler Leontius Pavanello with his wife Antonia, who jealously hides secrets in candid soul ', and their son Ferruccio already disenchanted and swaggering.

Around them, rotate along the " serva " Olga, impenetrable trustee of feelings and projects, his impetuous boyfriend Marcus and charming cavalier Savior, courted for the ' elegance is no longer that for its use for finance.

To move the whole thing, it's the greed of money and with a tendency to camouflage it properly with the rhetoric of feelings with a happy ending " " only window dressing, when greed and feelings, grudges and dreams mingle to the tune of an old song.

To animate the story, is a Venetian dialect dry and full-bodied with frequent inserts d ' a grotesque Italian venetizzato, to compose a crackling of language are able to cover even the seemingly most tragic facts of irresistible and a parodic comedy.

The comedy, written in 1936, relies on a usual structure still tied to goldonian tradition, but from this originally is a departure, rejecting all excessive mannerisms and doing the mocking irony with all emphasis ' rhetoric of drammoni of the ' era.

At the same time, it offers, the wealthy bourgeoisie campagnola, a picture apparently cruel but realistic, called sharply moralism and respectability, and highlighting ridiculous greed.

This prompted representation, in its time, for individual criticism in this comedy a new birth of veneto Theatre, and to juxtapose the Author ' the most rugged; Pirandello While there was who accused him of discrediting his country, with the same disdain with which even today, in Veneto, it denies any critical portrait of the territory and its people.

Over each temporal distance with the miraculous airiness of the theatre, one of the most innovative works of the Italian theatre scene today, back to remind us that Camisan and Pavanello are still among us.



Subscriptions: Entire 65 € Reduced 55 €

The reduction is the responsibility of the people over the age of 65 years and to holders of 2012/2013 Cineforum card

Subscriptions for students(including those registered at ' University for adults and senior citizens): 40 €

Single ticket for non-subscribers: full 10 € Reduced: 8 €


Presales at the 'tourist information Office of the municipality of Asiago Tel 0424 464081


All rights reserved.

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