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Together for Africa to Foza, CUAMM, AIS and the Diapason Band - August 16

Friday 16/8/2013

Concerto CUAMM "Insieme per l'Africa", serata video, mostra e musica. Il ricavato sarà devoluto al CUAMMDay "together for Africa" to Foza, CUAMM, AIS and the Diapason Band-August 16

Friday 16 August from 10.00 a.m. to Foza held the day "Together for Africa". CUAMM, as theItalian Association of Rescuers and the Diapason Band.


• Hours 10.00 and 16.00 St. Mass at the Church of St. Rocco in contrada Gavelle animated by CUAMM.

• In piazza Italian Association Rescuers offers a demonstration simulation of rescue of an accident for the purpose of raising awareness on the importance of the role of rescuer; opening food stand.

• 20.00 Hours Over at the community of Foza a defibrillator from the Cassa rurale e artigiana di Roana.

• 21.30 Hours In concert square "Diapason Band" – Tributo a Vasco Rossi.


Doctors with Africa CUAMM is one of the major organizations , non-governmental Italian health to promote and protect the health of African people. He talks of long period, even in areas that are the theatre of war and humanitarian emergencies . Work at different levels of the health system, from mobile clinics at universities, providing quality services accessible to all.


TheAIS is born the 16 April 1970 at the Policlinico of Milan, at the behest of some doctors working in the area ofemergency relief and some particularly sensitivepeople, United by the consciousness of the almost total lack in our country of a first aid culture and commitment to change that situation, and stands as a primary objective the establishment of courses for the theoretical preparation and practice to the aid of any citizen, which is to be found in a medical situation, improvise, requiring immediate assistance.

Italian Rescuers Association was formed because it was found that the mortality and serious injury, non -related or untimely intervention of first aid in the immediate period following the accident or acute pathologicalevent, before the arrival of relief, are very high.


The Verona Band was founded in 1982 as "Diapason", proposing a repertoire very varied which included music beat, pop italiana, "west coast", blues and rock. In 1984 his friendship with Alexander Stern "Pozzato becomes musical collaboration and the group takes the name of"Diapasonband".

Having regard to the physical resemblance and voice mail with Vasco Rossi, the singer makes a precise identity to the band, who specializes in songs of the modenese rocker, obtaining favourable appraisal by a public increasingly numerous. The success of the proposed concerts soon port Diapasonband to stand out among the most important and popular tribute band of North-Central Italy.

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