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Torchlight at Monte Verena, Centenary Entry in the great war Italy Asiago

Dal 23/5/2015 al 24/5/2015

Manifesto Centerario Grande Guerra a Roana, Altopiano di AsiagoTorchlight at Monte Verena, Centenary Entered Italy in the great war, Altopiano di Asiago, 23-24 may 2015

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the entry of Italy into World War I, representatives of the 8 municipalities ofAsiago plateau Committee meeting, invite you on to this significant commemoration. At 4 o'clock in the morning of May 24, 1915 a cannon from Verena party sanctioned the entrance of the Kingdom of Italy during the first world war: exactly 100 years later, Saturday 23 May 2015, we want to remember this date that symbolically represented the beginning of a long and tragic period for the whole of Italy and humanity, during which the plateau was involved from the first to the last day.



Hours 16.00 reenactment -return to May 23, 1915-Roana becomes showing how it was and how its people lived in the days before the outbreak of the great war. Return the cimbro, music, games, laundresses to tanks and the work "de Christians". We rediscover our memory and our roots.
Hours 17.00: meeting point in Piazza Santa Giustina in Roana where an information stand will be set up at the marquee public performances;
18.30hours: Holy Mass with blessing of torches in memory of the event;
Hours 21.00 Church choir concert "the Cavern" and reading historical texts;

22.00hours: Great torchlight at the foot of monte Verena (Verenetta square). United for peace. Groups Starting from Piazza Santa Giustina to piazzale Verena (Verena to 4.5 h approx.).

Hours 22.30: Departure of the second group from the village of Roana Pond (to Verena 4.0 h approx.)
Location: Lake – Gruppach – cross of Casara Civello – Campovecchio-Piazzale Verena.

The third group from campetto Mittewald skating (to Verena 4.0 h approx.)
Location: Mittewald – cross of Civello – Campovecchio-Piazzale Verena.

The fourth group from the Church of Rotzo (to Verena 4.0 h approx.)
Location: Rotzo – cross of Civello – Campovecchio-Piazzale Verena.

02.00 hours event on piazzale monte verena: screen with video projection event previously unpublished photographs;


Construction of the route

There will be refreshments for each path and one final. The route will be marked with reflective tapes (it is recommended to bring a torch). Closed groups, fucks with motorcycle service.

Outfitting Top Verena

The area shall be limited to the Group reception planned for 3.00 hours upon arrival of the torch will be lit a Brazier.

At 4.00, symbolically, there will be a single cannon with the presence of army soldiers and a group of reenactors placed Strong lit interior. A light ray will link the Summit with the strong Verle and the plain of Vezzena in Trentino; the sound of silence performed with the trumpet will close the event.

Manifesta programma Centenario Grande Guerra a Roana

Event on piazzale Monte Verena from 2.00 to 4.00.

Campolongo, Verenetta Lee and Grizzly will be open to the public. For those present to provide refreshments and hot drinks. Meeting place for Italian and Austrian authorities for commemorative speeches, in Italian and in German with interpreters. The event will be accompanied by background music, a speaker in constant contact with the torch will come to the top. A screen with video of the event will screen also previously unpublished photographs of the militarized zone of Verena before May 1915. Regulated parking available from area Campolongo until piazzale Verena.

For the participants, will be on hand a return bus from 4.00 onwards from Verena to Mittewald and Roana.


15.30 hours lighting of the Torch at Ossario di Asiago, parade of the Posse (Alpine Sports Group) to the streets of the city centre and continue for Roana along the old railroad and the old road of Val d Assa;

20.30 hours at the Teatro Millepini of Asiago "Europe's last summer", with Giuseppe Caderna. Free admission by reservation at the IAT.


Guided tours at Fort strong Verena and Campolongo.

Previous bookings to be made at the Pro Loco di Mittewald and Roana and the Asiago Plateau guides and Guides, you can arrange guided hikes to Verena and Campolongo for Saturday and Sunday.


9.15hours. Gathering at the Loggia dei Caduti del City Hall with the participation of the citizens, of schoolchildren, civil and military authorities, honor picket, Combattentistiche, associations of 145° cp Btg Seven municipalities (historical reenactors)

9.45 a.m. Ceremony on "lamp of the centenary", from the Museum "Tre Monti" battle of Sasso di Asiago, with the Mayor's greeting, reading passages with Isaac Tam, songs performed by choir of Asiago and the pupils of the primary school "Monte Ortigara".

10.30 a.m. Opening parade with Fanfara Bersaglieri on bicycle Roccafranca (Brescia): Corso IV Novembre, via Garibaldi, via Matteotti, Viale della Vittoria, Viale degli Eroi. Italian biplanes pass.
Piazzale degli Eroi flag-raising and wreath-laying inside the Ossuary.

Hours 11.00. Solemn Holy Mass at the War Memorial officiated by the Bishop of Padua Mons. Antonio Mattiazzo with the participation of bishops, Mons. Giampietro Gloder and priests of the parishes of the plateau accompanied by songs "Scholae Cantorum", "Asiago" Choir and primary school pupils "m. Ortigara".

From 14.30hours. Historical Reenactors of 145° Cp Btg. Seven municipalities from historical camp in Piazzale degli Eroi to streets and squares of the historic centre of Asiago and Fanfare of Bersaglieri on bicycle Roccafranca (Brescia)

The Sunday event in Asiago 24 will be broadcast live on tvA.

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