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Tour Monte Lintiche Lovarezze:Wooden Stories October 21, 2012 Asiago Plateau

Sunday 21/10/2012 at 09:00

Escursione Monte Lintiche Lovarezze" Tour Monte Lintiche-Lovarezze: Wooden Stories " October 21, 2012 Altopiano di Asiago

Naturalistic excursion with equipENatura, Sunday, October 21, 2012

EquipENatura offers, in cooperation with the Alpine Bar Retreat, the naturalistic excursion in ' Lintiche area Lovarezze, Asiago plateau

The meeting is set for Sunday, October 21, 2012 at 9.00 at the Alpine Hut Bar loc. Pozza dantzler Caltrano.

Tour duration: half a day.

FIX: path Easy.

Guided hike in the beautiful area of 'Plateau 7 Comuni, in direct contact with nature, immersed in rich landscapes of woods for savouring the scents, colors and their ancient stories.

Appointment at the ' banner of naturalistic and cultural discovery in an area little known but very suggestive that offers superb views of a healthy and mature forest environment, obviously enjoying the local gastronomy!

Cost of tour ': Adults: € 8

Children under 14 years old: free of charge

Dress code: proper attire for an excursion in the mountains (rain – Sun clothing, spare parts, essential ski boots). Also necessary, water bottle and some snacks.

Lunch at the Alpine hut Bar at the promotional price of € 10,00


Info and reservations within 12 hours of the Saturday before

Cell: equipENatura Cell: 340.2772469 328.9759934 Alpine Bar

E-mail: info@equipenatura.it

Website: www.equipenatura.it

All rights reserved.

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