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Tribute to Fabrizio De Andrè with Domenico Cerroni, Treschè Conca di Roana

Monday 20/8/2012 at 21:00

Affa Affa Brothers a Treschè Conca di RoanaTribute to Fabrizio De Andrè with Domenico Cerroni, Treschè Conca di Roana Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012, Treschè Conca di Roana, Asiago plateau, the ' performance of Domenico Cerroni and his Band "Hungry Hungry Brothers".

It's a concert in tribute to Fabrizio De Andrè and other Italian singers.

The ' event will take place at the big top of Treschè Basin, 21:00 hours.



Original ceccanese born from a rib of the phenomenal Tandem " ", led by a binomial: twins Cerroni.

Nati artistically fruitful in Emilia Romagna, the twins win in 77 ' provincial Award selection Centocitta " ' " in Modena.

And ' so ' that are starting to be noticed by Baird and producer Dodo Veroli of nomads and ' following year won the same award in Frosinone.

In 1986 participate with sugar, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, Righeira and other " a song Prize for all ".

In 1993 take part in the Parade " " Winner of 200th Episode with the song " " under the boat coming in the final and are inserted into the Cd Compilation released by Polygram.

But ' and l ' next year is their national consecration because the song " ' Agent X " routs the " Winner Parade " and is recorded on the Cd Compilation released by CGD.

In both editions of the program was conducted by Federica Panicucci. After several television experiences (including the " Maurizio Costanzo Show "), the ' author Garcia Florez Jose Ramon publishes their song in South America by adapting Spanish-language text.

Since then the brothers Cerroni began to play to do likewise in adapting some famous foreign ciociari and Italian songs: from ' to ' La Flaca ' pala ', from ' to ' "Proud Mary" Aunt Mary ' ', ' Una vita da mediano ' to ' a lifetime at Ceccano ', from ' something big ' what ' in d ' gross ', gave birth to the so-called Ciociar Sound.

Their music may not be listed in ' any kind thanks to their flexibility, from Italian ' songwriting to blues, from latin rock to country music, from folk to rock.

Inspired scuola italiana degli anni 70 ' (Guccini, De Andre ', De Gregori, Bennato) but not too proud of and turn concepts present in the various Santana, Neil Young, Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan. This flexibility and ' date ' ' also widen the base Assembly ranging from 2 to 9 items.

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