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UOMINI Sull'orlo DI UNA CRISI DI NERVI at the Teatro Millepini di Asiago, 25 Mar

Tuesday 25/3/2014 at 21:00

Uomini sull’orlo di una crisi di nervi di Alessandro Capone e Rosario GalliShow men on the VERGE of a NERVOUS BREAKDOWN of Capone and Galli at the Teatro Millepini di Asiago, March 25, 2014

Tuesday, March 25 at the Palazzo del Turismo di Asiago Millepini from 21.00 hours will be held the theatrical show "Uomini sull'orlo di una crisi di nervi" by Alessandro Capone and Rosario Galli, staged by the company Estravagario Theater under the direction of ABronzed Ngum.

For years, four friends find themselves on Monday evening to play poker and tell their lives, but above all their frustrations, particularly in relation to women. So every game becomes a sort of group therapy, in which emerges the dream of the ideal woman: beautiful, available and few words. Suddenly, someone has an idea: devote the amounts allocated to each for the game to pay an escort. By this time their problems with the other half of the sky will pass from dialectic to practice, amplified by a hot final revelation.


Born in 1988 Estravagario Theatre with Albert Bronzed, Fausto Tognato, Tiziano Gelmetti, Filly Nazzaro, Tiziana Lama, Tahani, who think this strange name (from a poetic and literary collection of Pablo Neruda) arbitrarily by granting him a meaning of diversification and new exploration of more artistic expressions.

It was thought that Estravagario were to become and be a "melting pot" in which mix as much as possible the various components related to the world of theatre arts. Then the theatre, but with music, with singing, with ballet-dancing with poetry. A form-total show formula therefore already practised but that were intended to further supplement and enrich.

A company of curtain-raiser for a genre, offering imaginative and entertaining stage to an audience that had to learn this new group.
Under the leadership, perhaps initially fearful (there had been a great teacher behind), then gradually more and more strong, professional and safe Alberto Bronzed. And, began his artistic journey through a landscape of successful performances, is going at the turn of the 2000s.
Of course the Group Meanwhile grew it became increasingly Theatrical Company.

They arrived new actors and actresses. They came to us, we looked up, bringing their experiences or at least a freshness and a desire to give their artistic contribution in a group that year after year grew and grew, becoming a recognizable artistic figure that more and more the active fingers from so-called amateur theatre areas.
A Group of professionals who chose not in military professionalism, so we have defined on several occasions and this made us enormously pleased because the enthusiasm of "doing Theatre" we tried always to grant maximum rigour of actoral profession.

The show is part of the 2013-14 Season at Teatro Millepini di Asiago, which from November to may will bring staged classics and contemporary works, comedies, tragedies, humor, music, offering opportunities for reflection and enjoyment.



PRICES in 2013-14 SEASON


Entire $ 85
Reduced € 70
Students € 55


Entire $ 10
Reduced and students € 8


Over 65 and holders of 2013-2014 Cineforum card of Cinema Lux of Asiago.


Open to all students, including university students and college students-elderly adults.



0424 462221
[email protected]
Carli, 56 square – Asiago


0424 460003
[email protected]
Via Millepini, 1 – Asiago

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