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View Aurelio Strong graphics Workshop Laan Asiago, from Saturday 22 December

Dal 22/12/2012 al 3/3/2013

Mostra Aurelio Forte LaanShow "Aurelio Forte Laan" Graphic Workshop in Asiago, from Saturday, December 22 to Sunday, March 3, 2013

the Museum "The Prison" Asiago host an exhibition dedicated to the master engraver Aurelio Forte Laan"Graphic Workshop" from Saturday, December 22, 2012 to Sunday, March 3, 2013.

The opening will take place Saturday, December 22, 2012 at 18 with the presentation of the exhibition by art critic Maria Lucia Ferraguti.

Graphics Workshop, organized by 'Department of Tourism and sponsored by the Veneto Region, is thought of as a factory image of paper has been created by the master engraver Forte Laan.

The event, organized by the Culture Department of the City of Asiago with the care Antonio and Roberto Busellato Busellato study B.lab design factory, is in a key moment of the artistic work of Forte Laan, which in 2010 was presented the rooms of the Castello Sforzesco in Milan along with 28 other leading figures of Italian graphic design for the event "Spur of the XXI Century".

Under the Patronage of the Veneto Region, the Province of Vicenza and the Mountain Community, the exhibition explores all round at work and on finding a local artist whose work has been repeatedly awarded and internationally recognized.

The exhibition will be open from 10:00 to 12:30 and from 16:00 to 19:00.

Admission is free.


Aurelio Forte Laan was born in Asiago in 1939 where he still lives and works. As always, his work as an engraver is dedicated Plateau has always told through a deep research on memory and imagination of the place and its people: its "genius loci". In 1971 he began his training with engraving Agostino Lazzari practicing various techniques with different materials.Printing from their own works with your press star, which the artist constructed by assembling the transmission gears of an old Fiat 500.

He has participated in several demonstrations of graphic nationally and internationally and has presented solo exhibitions of engraving.

Is a member of the National Association of Engravers Engravers Venetians and Italians. Is present in the "Repertoire of the Italian Engravers in the third, fourth and fifth volume" in the Cabinet of Prints Of Bagnacavallo (RA).

In 1992, with an etching showing a short story by Mario Rigoni Stern, in 1998 he was selected for the Fifth Biennial of Graphic Arts in Belgrade (YU) and in 2000 for the Biennale of Graphic Raciborz - Poland.

In 2001 and 2002 he was a finalist nominated for the Prix Arte Mondadori in Milan.

In 2001 he was selected for the Fifth European Biennial of Engraving in Aqui Terme Ovada and two years later he exhibited at the exhibition "The paths of the sign," curated by Giorgio Segato at the Pavilion Cornaro in Padua.

Together with the Art Group presents its work to the Museum's Prisons Asiago at the exhibition "One Earth, its Artists" in 2005.

In 2006 he participated in the group exhibition "Homage to Mantegna" curated by Giorgio Segato and presented in Villa Contarini in Piazzola sul Brenta (PD).

As a result, the Association of Italian Engravers him on the staff in the halls of Castle From Peraga in Vigonza (PD). In December of the same year he won the first prize of the "V Edition of the Competition of Graphic Design" at the "On the Road Art Gallery" of Gallarate (VA).

In 2007 he was selected for the Eighth "International Biennial of Engraving" of Acqui Terme (AL).

In January 2009 he took part in the collective "Ten engravers Vicenza" curated by Giorgio Trentin in the halls of the Galleria d'Arte Dating Scrimin of Bassano del Grappa (VI).

Also in 2009 was selezionalto for the IX Biennial of Engraving Acqui Terme (AL).

In February 2010, is included in the exhibition "Repertoire of the Italian Engravers" organized by the Fondazione Tone Zancanaro of Padua at the Monumental Complex of St. Paul Monselice (PD), and, during the same period, there is the important event "Spur of the XXI Century "Bertarelli Collection presented in the halls of the Castello Sforzesco in Milan. This exhibition was presented by the magazine Graphic Art.

Eclectic artist prefers etching techniques, defines its artistic thought on the basis of a stylistic quality that adds value to the pattern and its meanings. Fragments of old memories indulge in attractive geographies, appropriates a glimpse of a corner, shadows contrast with soft light fields. The images are reflected in words, borrow the vital essence of an old house, play the sounds of a road, slowly each element requires its own place. Without delay, every gesture prepares the next and becomes motion of the soul.

Drawings suspended waterfall on vertical spaces of the museum to the creation of the printing of the engraver, the exhibition has been conceived as a kind of factory image on paper that reflect the artist's work through an area so special what 's plateau. This is a small tribute to local culture and in the hearts of his career, the exhibition devotes a moment the writer Mario Rigoni Stern and a heartfelt remembrance emigration, a phenomenon that has profoundly affected the people of these mountains. 
The exhibition, which will be presented by art critic Maria Lucia Ferraguti will be open to the public until Sunday, March 3, 2013. The guide to the exhibition is curated by Lucia Duster. Admission is free.

The incision is the infiniteAurelio Forte Laan - Officina Grafica

by Maria Lucia Ferraguti

"The incision is infinite ...", had more than once to say André Masson. The expression is especially happy if we think Aurelio Forte Laan and the sense of the artist for his idea of art. And if the thought involves various modes of expression, the graphics go directly feel the depths of the soul.

His artistic ability is immediately recognizable for the mastery in the etching and drypoint nell'acquatinta and themes, which are connected direclty to her live with Asiago plateau.In the papers the signs change in relation to a land, that the details of the houses in the cartel meets man for nature and its seasonal rhythms. His interest is directed to solid buildings shaped over the centuries by the bond with nature and selected the recordings for their crucial and highlight its paths and in keeping with the prominence of large trees.

The ability that distinguishes Forte is made in the report of the contrasts between the voltage of some lines and the softness of other fused both atmosphere and the brightness, which evaporate in nell'addensarsi and enhance the peaceful atmosphere of the place. Takes place in the leaves as "Arriving in the village," 1993, etching and aquatint that appealing, you already have a prototype in the poetry of the great home early from the tree bare. Join a sense of reality in the rhythm of mysterious tree house and padded silhouettes of pine trees ordered by the mountain road, which feeds the depth and sings to the feeling of solitude for the shadows velvety background, introduced dall'intrico herbs, flexible signs , mobility in air.

And let dilate the romantic feeling to the plateau Forte conquest in "Air Grow" the space of a sheet stretched and tight to the image of the distant mountains from the low profile and rounded illuminated by the presence of the moon. The landscape stretched open to engraving related to black articulated in the passage of light and dark areas, for in-depth comparison of the effect of light at night and the highlight of the bright crescent moon in the sky.

The order to adhere to reality in harmony with the skill of a sensitive hand and precise in soft wax and of aquatint in giving prominence to the snow, in highlighting the dialogue between the trunk of the trees and the entanglement of the branches, already engravings in 1993 in "The forest and snow", 2010 mature expression.

Forte describes finesse the reality of the winter forest. Logs that strengthens the black, slender and strong enough to get up a dune of snow white acquires a light lyric enhanced in contrast to the dark and round logs, beyond the development of the branches, shades shady wood.

And equal returns to the theme of the event of passionate snow, feel the belonging to the world of the forest in the place that is attractive to the space and look at the membership of the modulated white light suddenly encounter with the shadow on which the sign gives and beef. In the sheet "Winter in the pine forest" varies the motif of candor in new solutions aimed at the effects of light on the snowy expanse. And it is a dream and reality. He creates a vision of a proscenium in the presence of the high bare trunks affected by the evolution of signs and pine away in a paginated powered by a subtle graphics.

Points of view, that Forte moves from an incision between the other trees like slender monuments plant and solid houses plateau submerged by snow, already anticipated in "The winter of larch" in 2004. So it is with the "style" of time that he, as a romantic artist, is the first in "Light of the Morning", 2001 on the center of Asiago. The sensitivity for the place lightens the tone of the brightness of the space around the compact and imposing building in the town center, on which are setting the momentum of the articulated tower feature imbued with the facade of diffuse light. Here, then, that the reason emerges in time give the brightness of the twilight collection in "Towards evening," 2001: stretch slowly shady plots and houses of certain figures, which appear in the engravings for fantasy, as they walk and wander in streets and squares, including silhouettes of buildings to give life to everyday life ("Candido mantle", 2010).

Forte is indicative switching to a new sensibility that characterizes the affinity with nature in adherence to forms developed in the world of the abstract. So goes "Beyond the known", monotype polychrome dated 1999 with other significant titles: "Cosmic Landscape" and "Guiding Light". No more connection to reality but raising images. The inner emotion generates color in transit up, this looks like a gust of wind color, feeding, for feeling, signs of increasing redness from deep black. And it is all new in the realization of white flashes, in the tensions of similar color at energies designed to enhance a dark background, which affects and consumes between shots, spots and short extensions. And a similar address, sought and is detailed in the original "Synapses and deep psyche", 2006, "Beyond the Facade-That immorality", 2008, "Psyche and frivolity", 2011, "Pulse ascending", 2011, "Symbiosis ascending ", 2011.

They are an expression of the evolution linked, in art, the development of knowledge of physiology. An interest bearing Forte to solve, in the soft ground and aquatint, the principles of neurological connections through lively plotted in vertical movement. Even the color part in energetic and dynamic motions of free trails while building a network of signs stray light in textured surfaces. Aurelio Laan Forte returns to the contemplation of the landscape and paints on canvas reality of valleys and fields in the autumn air and the atmosphere of the mountain in winter by turning knowledge into affinity relationships of color and truth of luminous sensations. In fact, he adheres to the nature and painted version of the snow in shades of white and azure and golden autumn melancholy, until you get a perfect blend of nature and painting. In "Snow on the plateau", 2009, "Autumn in Val Piana", 2009, looking for runs to the valley then up along the hillside heated by the soft light of the seasons.

Among the intaglio he chooses to "Homage to Rigoni Stern" the mezzotint. The paper emphasizes the volume of the head engraved in the background filled with darkness. The face impenetrable gaze absorbed, is marked by a dense array of features, like fast signs in pen with shadows. Enter a rough chiaroscuro, which allows the effects of light to focus in particular the personality of expression, as has been written, gave "voice in the literature to the civilization of the mountain." In the portrait the features of mature hair and beard adhere to a face marked by time. The sections that envelop softly, show precisely the characteristics and declare the whole experience of Aurelio Forte Laan, its author.

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