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View on WOOL YARN, sheep herders, the people of Foza, 3 August Foza

Saturday 3/8/2013 at 16:00

Mostra “SUL FILO DI LANA i Pastori, le Pecore, la Gente di Foza”Exhibition "on the EDGE of WOOL, sheep herders, the people of Foza, August 3 at the Museum of Foza

Saturday, 3 August at 16.00 hours in the 1 St floor of the Museo Civico di Foza will open the exhibition "on the EDGE of WOOL, sheep herders, the people of Foza.
. The event, organized by the municipal administration, offers an interesting journey of discovery of pastoralism: a long-neglected task that has ruled for centuries the economy of Foza and the entire plateau.

Pastoralism, was the main source for the people of Foza which over the years has been able to select a breed of sheep named as the country.  The sheep "Foza" has spread to such an extent to be identified with your name all the sheep of Vicenza and beyond, and its abundant wool made the fortune of all woolen mills of Pedemonte.
Now, in this exhibition – that will be permanent and will form an integral part of the Museum – the sheep "Foza" becomes the protagonist and with her, the many pastors and people of the country that have helped sustain it. Through a path through history, archaeology, science, animal science and folk tale, the event follows the complex events linked to pastoralism and the facts intimately close to the identity of a territory to be enhanced. A development which also passes through a real collective effort aimed to save from extinction the last remaining sheep. A commitment that has seen in the recent past the deep interest of the writer asiaghese Mario Rigoni Stern.

Designed by Antonio Busellato and Roberto Busellato B.LAB study design factory, the exhibition has been designed through an aerial installation system, where the entire plant is built on exhibition panels of translucent plexiglas hung to the ceiling of the Museum. The result is a view from mobile and playful character referring to the pleasant sensation of being in the middle of a herd transhumant. Between gentle swings, slides and play of light, the visitor is immersed in a timeless world where images, objects and texts tell us about the life of the shepherds and of a country with a deep history.

The exhibition, curated by Alberto Alberti (archaeology), Philip Menegatti (for scientific contribution to the recovery project of the sheep Foza) and Francesca Rodeghiero (historian and ethnographer) explores the world of all-round shepherding through the fascinating connections between history, science and home economics. An exploration that does not neglect the contemporary technologies since it will be possible to explore the historical and scientific content online, using your smartphone and QR codes placed in individual panels. One small step for a major project: to keep Foza open to the world as well as the "sheep Foza" combined in the past this small community to the surrounding reality.

Pastori Pecore Gente di Foza

Finally, the event will also be a tribute to John Alessio, Mayor of Foza unfortunately recently deceased, who strongly believed in the realization of the exhibition and the creation of the Museum.

The exhibition will remain open to the public following the timetable of the Museum:
for the month of August Monday to Friday 15.30 -22; Saturday, Sunday and holidays 9-12 15.30 -22 .30

For information:
Comune di Foza-via Roma, 4 36010 FOZA (VI) Tel. 0424 698003
Museo di Foza-via Roma, 1 36010 FOZA (VI) Tel. 0424 443641


The New Museum was inaugurated in theformer Town Hall in may 2009, after the renovation of the building. Now the "Museo della Gente di Foza" is in the process of construction. Discuss Foza, from its origins to the present day dwelling on the events that have made a significant change to its history, using Visual and multimedia languages. It also hosts thematic exhibitions which will be renewed in time. For now the multimedia room for conferences, meetings, screenings and the floor dedicated to the great war. The media room has a refined masterpiece by local artist Marino Chiomento, which with skilful touches of chisel has cleverly carved "Foza, hay".

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