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Wednesday of the Astronomy of Asiago, Mars, on the evening of July 31

Wednesday 31/7/2013 at 21:00

Mercoledì dell'Astronomia: O Marte O morte. Asiago 31 luglio 2013Wednesday of the Astronomy of Asiago, Mars, on the evening of July 31

Wednesday, July 31 at the Sala Jiminy cricket of Asiago to 21.00 hours will be held the meeting "Wednesday of astronomy" titled: "or Mars or death. A short history of human obsession to the red planet".

The Red Planet

To the naked eye, Mars usually appears a marked yellow, Orange or reddish colour and brightness is the most variable among all planets visible from Earth during its orbit.

After Venus, Mars is the planet more easily detectable from the Earth due to the large relative brightness and the characteristic red color. For this reason the people of the Greco-Roman area associated with the image of Ares/Mars, God of war. Among the first to describe observations of Mars remembers Aristotle who noticed the passing behind the Moon to obtain an empirical evidence of the conception of a geocentric universe.

Nowadays, thanks to the presence of several satellites, spacecraft and rover, you can study astronomy from Mars. Compared with the size of the universe, the distance between Earth and Mars is really small, but you may notice differences in observational Astronomy of our solar system , such as a new point of view of our planet and the Moon, moons Phobos and Deimos in addition to terrestrial-like phenomena such as auroras and meteors.

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