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With the SANGUANELO Festival of the VALLEY of CION in Lusiana the August 10

Saturday 10/8/2013 at 16:00

Incontro ravvicinato col sanguanelo della Valle del Cion - Lusiana3rd Edition "encounter with the sanguanelo of the Valley of Cion, downstream from Above-the 10 August Lusiana

Saturday 10 August 2013 from 16.00 hours in the Valley above, Lusiana will host the third edition of "close encounter with sanguanelo Cion Valley".


Tel. 329 2168203
Email elsanguanelo@alice.it


16.00 hours Great treasure hunt "on PECHE SANGUANELO'S" suitable for children and adults organized in groups of up to 20 people.

17.30 hours "time trial QUALIFYING RACE with CARTS CARRYING HAY" and to follow, in world premiere: "GREAT RACE of CAPONARE"

19.00 hrs presentation of the book: "the SANGUANELO of the VALLEY of the CION and singing of the ANGUANE" and follow musical show with the group "LA BANDA DEL CION and DANCES IN CONTRÀ"

19.30 hours Opening stand of SANGUANELO enograstronomico with "SKEWERED MEAT and TAMIL" in collaboration with the ACCADEMIA DEL TAN (on reservation at nr. 329.2168203-339.3175766) and other tasty dishes prepared in collaboration with: "RESTAURANT VALLE DEI MULINI" (with the possibility of also booking dinner at the restaurant)

• or20.45 Kings THEATRE -the great fabulatore CLAUDIO CAPPOZZO will entertain the audience with engaging stories and his present troupe of Lusiana "FLASH walk" that will perform in touring theatrical: EL SANGUANELO and the SINGING of the ANGUANE with the extraordinary participation of dancing school "CHORUS"

23.00 hours -Great surprise ending! ... will he finally our fond audience to hear the singing of the mythical anguane ... ....??? original texts and directed by Severino Fault

All rights reserved.

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