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Itinerary of the Rain of Above from Enego to Primolano

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Sentiero della Piovega di Sopra - Enego

Path of the Rain of Above - Enego

Itinerary along the ancient mule of the Piovega di Sopra, from the center of Enego to Primolano and back.

ITINERARIO: Path of the Rain above - Enego

Technical guidance

Degree of difficulty: Easy
Length: 6.8 km round trip for the same route - 9.5 km with return to the Rain of Sub CAI 791
Positive difference: 550m
Maximum altitude: 770m above all
Minimum altitude: 220m above all
Travel time (approximately): 3h (round trip)
Suitable for: Hikers, Families (No Stroller) Running, Trail Running
What to see: The ancient mule of the Piovega di Sopra used for the transport of timber, the districts of Crosare, Pasqualoni, Middle Pits, the panorama of the Brenta canal, the Brenta River, the capitals.
Fund: Mulattiera, drawn on asphalt.


Ancient and very evocative, the mule track of the Piovega di Sopra leads from Enego to Primolano,along the pavement path that, once, before the construction of the current carriage in 1913, served as an important communication route between the Plateau and the valley floor.

In particular, the Piovega di Sopra,much more straight and less winding than the nearby Piovega di Sotto,was used to transport up to Brenta especially the large and long wooden logs from the woods of Marcesina.

On the other hand, the mule track of the Piovega di Sopra was probably built in 1600 following the oldest route of the Correggio,which - as the name says - was a gully traveled by a path used precisely to run downstream the timber.

Some texts show that the ancient mule of the Piovega di Sopra was originally composed of 4480 to 4486 steps made of stones,although the postman Antonio Marchetti (class 1876), who walked it for 32 years, stated that the steps were actually 4688. Many more than those that , it is said , make up the note Calà del Sasso!

Now in various sections the steps in pavement have been replaced by concrete or asphalt and the Piovega di Sopra no longer has the role it once had, but it is always fascinating to walk this ancient street with a pleasant walk in the name of History and Nature.


Theroute of the Piovega Trail of Above starts and arrives in the center of Enego,on thePlateau of the Seven Municipalities.

Those who want to reach Enego from Asiago will have to take Provincial Road 76,which will lead to cross the centers of Gallio and Foza and the famous Valgàdena bridge,and then arrive in the center of the country.

Those arriving from Valsugana will be able to reach Enego by always taking the SP76 Valgàdena,at thePrimolano-Asiago-Enego exit and then following the directions to Enego.


The piovega's route from the centre of Enego. From the square, past the Cathedral of Santa Giustina,proceed north,walking first via G. Marconi and then Via Rossa Italiana,until you reach the eponymous colony.

From theFormer Cologne Red Cross,take the mule track to the right, which will make you cross the contrade of Above Fosses, Middle Pits, Pasqualoni, Crosare and Garden.

From here, the route will be truly spectacular:with an almost straight course and a stone wall as protection towards the valley, you will descend the imposing rock walls that divide the Brenta Canal from the Plateau, following the route that was once used for the transport of timber downstream.

Itinerario per escursioni e famiglie a Enego

In the last stretch, the trail will repeatedly interstore the provincial road that climbs to Enego,to finally reach the Valsugana bike path. This is where the CAI 868 trailends.

For the return, you can choose to go back to the village for the route of the round trip or follow the bike path to the south for about 5 km, up to the Cornalebrewery, where the mule track of the Piovega di Sotto (CAI 791)begins. This picturesque and ancient path will take you back to Enego.


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