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A new "miracle" of the Team Spread on the Asiago plateau

Published 3 Feb 2015 - 10.30
SPAV-Team è un’Associazione sportiva per allievi con abilità diverse e non

Tried and tested a special bike to skiing who is forced into a wheelchair

  • Giornale l'Altopiano 31 gennaio
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A special bike to skiing who sits in a wheelchair; a tool that knows of a miracle but the Team Spread is simply the order of the day.

The instrument, born from studies of theUniversity of Verona, is called, for lack of a better word, bike, but it really isn't the usual tool on which the person is paraplegic imbragata and descends from the mountains actually sitting.

Is but a tool that allows paraplegics to "stand up and skiing" thanks to legs and skis control entrusted to master thanks to the special bike.
For now the Team Spread comes with two of these vehicles thanks to the generous contribution of Rotary Club 7 Comuni Plateau. The local Rotary already for some years with the Team Spread with economic support and offering some holiday weeks for families with people with disabilities. Now this Alliance consolidates laying the groundwork for other ideas. Especially since this year the holiday weeks of Team Spread 6 will be doubling the offering that last year brought 150 disabled on the snows of the plateau's towns.

That special bike is just the latest of the many initiatives that see the Spread Team work to make theAsiago plateau a mountain tourist centres dedicated to disability. This is, among other things, the intention of the regional project "accessible Plateau" presented in late November to Asiago and which seesUlss 3 coordinate interventions of accessibility on thePlateau in a pilot project that extends the question of "accessibility" from physical and mental disabilities also to older people, to families with small children, who suffer from food intolerance.

An "accessibility" who Spread Team wants to expand the ski slopes toorienteering, tohorseback riding, to nordic walking, to ice skating until thehistoric/nature hiking and trekking more challenging.
"We have the suitable territory – explains Carlo Arduini Asiago ski school, reference point for the offer"for all"- which offers a multitude of possibilities, all easily accessible and therefore suitable for tourism with special needs. An offer that often does not require large investments; Indeed, most notably by a capillary information is directed to potential users andoperators ".

An "accessibility" who does not want to be confined only to the tourists but also to disabled people of the territory with a shared project with schools and in particular with theIstituto comprensivo di Asiago , where the idea has found the support of the Director Francesco Tognon and the economic support of the Association Amici di Antonio Pertile and Sonia Sartori. In practice within the training hours will be dedicated to the "sport for all" for local people with disabilities, but also to raise awareness of the guys all on the subject.

"For the proposal, called Wave Project, from project born in Britain that uses surfing to acquire to disabled children greater security, we are now at the stage of training -continues Arduini - a formation that goes across the Board, from ski instructors and companions of tour operators and hoteliers. Why is a successfuloffer "accessible" must be across the Board, from the reception to the proposed activities, topped by precise information and readily available".

"An exciting project -says the President of the Rotary Joint 7 Plateau, Francesco Gollinas all these ski instructors who succeed each year to enthuse and also move with what they do. A project that we would like to extend to the whole Triveneto; not only to help people with disabilities but also to break down mental barriers inherent in all of us".

Gerardo Rigoni

All rights reserved.

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