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A project of revival of Kaberlaba Asiago and beyond

Published 29 Jan 2015 - 10.09

rilancio piste kaberlaba asiago

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"The slopes and the lifts are necessary for winter tourism is my belief always and say the administrative acts that we hired in the last 10 years. Because we believe, as directors of Asiago, it testifies to the commitment made in the course of funding Hatrednot only for Kaberlaba, with a co-financing by the our Town by .66 to 132,628 works planned to .29 663,143 euro but also for Verena with funding by the Odi, requested Asiago, for jobs that will cost 273,461 euro .15, add to this the now-known development project involving an investment Melette totaling spending of over 9 million. It is however necessary, in my opinion, even in relation to the trend of recent seasons, make Asiago and the plateau are attractive and ready to give answers to tourists even in the absence of snow and temperatures suitable for producing artificially ".

The Mayor of Asiago Roberto Rigoni Stern puts his finger in the wound and tries to look at the development of tourism, winter and summer, putting the necessary common sense.

"I think we cannot go" against nature " – adds the first citizen asiaghese – but we should equip to be versatile to deal with a certain tranquillity even the most bizarre seasons. We must proceed in this direction not I say, teach him the many failures of the most important ski resorts in Trentino and outside Trentino, see Folgaria who tell me has accumulated 23 million euros of debts by focusing only on the ski-lift facilities and magnificent structures for artificial snow ".
"Alongside the essential development of Melette, that represents the first point of our program, the feasibility study for the project of redevelopment of Kaberlaba and surrounding areas, which we made with plant managers, I believe is a first response to this need. Over the next 4 years in this tourist attraction will invest over 4 million euros in order to enhance a lung of excellence is becoming a reference point in the didactics of skiing, with endorsements for children and disabled people without the same nationwide. That's why the Administration believes is fair and strategic, in a logic of development, support entrepreneurs, instructors and all those that revolve around this pole also in the light of asiaghese induced this station grants all economic activities of Asiago. A first step we did guaranteeing to the water needed for snow on the slopes thanks to the artificial connection to the nearby water treatment plant, now we'll do the rest ".
"The first interventions will be carried out next year, will be to create a broad catchment area, three times the current, for artificial snow, which in summer becomes a nice pond (with larger dimensions than the Lumenera), on the banks of which will be areas for relaxation in the Sun and outdoors. The whole surrounding area is equipped with a large playground, new parking lots, hiking trails and horseback riding. It is clear that all this requires sharing on the part of individuals and a strategic agreement that will put an end to the litigation that has all too often characterized the management of the area ".

Abandoned the idea of night lighting of the runway, proposed by the operators themselves Kaberlaba, we will focus on the implementation of the new four-person chairlift designed to accommodate children with disabilities and for which I am in the process of acquiring important financial resources, on a bike path that links the city centre Kaberlaba, up to realize, finally, the area equipped for camper and the new sports centre with two football fields at the village Morar. The wellness area the public will be at the entrance of Asiago, in these days the project will be presented to the body which deals with border funds for eligibility.

"We have the good fortune to be able to count on a City Centre area, a real open-air shopping centre, in a very short time, thanks to the project of trade, will be even more embellished and enhanced. With the markets, has demonstrated in these Christmas holidays to form a beautiful attraction of which other places suited to skiing cannot have. I am convinced that Asiago and whole our territory have the cards in order to be able to deal with weather crises foresight that we are making in the past few years, that's why I believe in collaboration with the other municipalities that are working hard to ensure that our offer to take a picture of unity of the whole territory ".

Stefania Longhini

All rights reserved.

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