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Coordinated image contest "Asiago, your outdoor mall"

Published 28 Sep 2015 - 10.33
Il centro di Asiago

In the context of trade Districts also organised a literary prize for stories related to culture and tradition, modern magazines.

  • Giornale l'Altopiano 26 settembre 2015
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Startup these days take two actions within the project of commercial Districts, with the publication of its tenders.

Within the district "Asiago, your outdoor mall", considering it an important communication for the promotion of commercial fabric, the municipality of Asiago is organising a competition for the creation of a brand and corporate identity and shared that identify, characterize and give added value to the territory. The graphic will be designed to identify the district and all its initiatives, applying it for letterhead, business cards, envelopes, posters, flyers, website, facebook page, shopping bags and other promotional material, including any promotional campaigns. Proposals must be received by the deadline set in 12 hours of October 9, and will be evaluated by a jury composed of technicians and dealers.

The participation in the contest is free and reserved for individuals or groups of professionals or creative people over the age of 18 years, as well as studies and creative industries that operate in the field of promotion, communication, graphic design, provided that the project manager has over the age of 18 years.

Other competition held by the municipality of Asiago within the pilot project of the Veneto region is the 1° Literary Award for stories related to the culture and tradition of the Altopiano dei Sette Comuni.  "Fairytale Asiago" is designed to promote the culture and legends of the plateau and stimulate interest in local traditions. The competition is linked to the idea of some district workers to organize an exhibition of theatrical performances for the representation of classic fairy tales and stories related to the territory, to bring in old town on weekends of May and June 2016, with the involvement of local people both set that for the performances.

Returning to the literary prize, this is a contest for unpublished texts in Italian language, open to established authors or beginners who are 18 years of age reckoning, the registration fee is 10.00 euros. The stories, which will be aimed mainly at children and young people, should focus on ancient legends characters reinterpreted in a modern way.

The go-ahead to tell fantasy basilisks, anguane witches, ogres, goblins and sanguinelli, projected in the present day. The text winner will receive a prize of 500 euros and will be translated into play to put on stage in the Festival, the first three works will be also collected in one volume, in cooperation with a publishing house. To view the notices for more information you can consult the website of the municipality www.comune.asiago.vi.it and the www.asiago.to site, to any requests you can write to the e-mail address distrettocommercio@comune.asiago.vi.it.

As part of the commercial Districts in mid-September will be published on the notice for cosmetic improvement of commercial properties for which you will have access to a contribution of 50%. After collecting the expression of interest in the project phase, with the release of the announcement the beneficiaries will be among those presenting question.

Other initiative tied to commercial Districts, which have contributed to the Organization of the black night and Made in Malga, Asiago Foliage, an invitation to discover in the weekend of 17 and 18 October colors, scents and flavors of autumn, a stone's throw from the Centre of Asiago. The event will combine the impressive natural phenomenon that transformed the Woods into a colourful and exciting palette, walks, workshops, music, scenic flights and autumnal flavours.

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