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Cristina, the friend of the forest listening to the trees and collect their tears

Published 10 Apr 2019 - 12.05

Articolo su Cristina Panozzo e iniziativa Adotta un albero

  • Giornale l'Altopiano 6 aprile 2019
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It's a volcano of ideas.
"Confusing", she says, not negative, I would say, and that is common to all creative people. At the base of his making, organizing,
conceptualize, create there is always the same thread:
a deep feeling oflove for nature of the plateau, its land.

Cristina Panozzo, 37, works on the family farm and, with the help of Dad, gave birth to Petting Zoo "Cason of wonders", a natural oasis owned, at the edge of the Woods; a great little corner of Highland, in Treschè Basin, in which proposes various educational and recreational activities in order to introduce children to nature, passing many who then translate into love and respect for the environment that surrounds us. "I teach everything that was taught to me," he says.

After the Tempest V, we heard a lot about you for being thecreator of the campaign "#Adotta a tree" that the Association Coldretti wanted to make his own launching then at provincial level. An initiative that has had great success and who lived some moments beyond the provincial boundaries and
Regionals, finding echoes even in Palermo.

"#Adotta a tree initiative started almost by accident ," says Cristina – the disaster happened on 29 October I was really upset. The first thought that I made is that my daughter is two years old today will not be able to see Emy the same landscape that I have always known and so I immediately thought of doing something to raise public awareness and to raise money environmental recovery. Boost by so many emotions, I began to produce saplings working pieces of trunk of felled trees with a chain saw. I took them in Vicenza in a press conference that I attended as a representative of Women undertaking and the idea has found appreciation and sharing".

"I want to emphasize the special sensitivity and attention that the President of Coldiretti Martino Cerantola and Manager Roberto Palù , and at this juncture even more, demonstrate to the our territory"
From there, the saplings (made by Cristina with the help of others, his mate above all, Damiano Panozzo, that aim has also worked at night but also a volunteer of Noventa Vicentina, Luigi tumblers, and then the lumberjacks of Enego) are more than 300 and they went like hot cakes. Not just trees, though. Putting in
bike his fantasy, Cristina has also collected and packed into jars the "tears of the trees" — the drops of resin, good to perfume the rooms.
She left so the fundraiser, which is essential for the purchase of plants necessary for reforestation and for which is always on a specific bank account.

Tears is also the title of the movie made to promote the initiative especially in schools where Cristina talks about the pain of the trees and invites, along with President Martin Cerantola, to participate in the campaign #Adotta a tree .
"To understand how important it is for us to adopt a tree ", says Cristina in the video-just enter the Woods to listen, because the Woods speaks to us ".


The participation of the people was great right from the start. "The markets of Coldiretti -said Christina- I touched to see the involvement of the people and see how the plateau is loved by all those who for various reasons I attend. We are the guardians of a territory that is heard as the heritage of all. Many have told me not to have yet dared to come and see with their own eyes what happened. Numerous donations received so far, to various entities: the notary padovano who gave us 20000 euros to people who were given 50 euro".

With the many initiatives for the collection, launched by Coldiretti firm Woman, you are going to plant new plants, that contributors can give his or her name.
"The project is to create an educational forest. – says Christina-A first path to knowledge of the area, to which you can bind even the promotion of local production "
"Planting trees is a beautiful symbol linked to life blossoming. We have the tradition of planting a seedling when someone is born. My grandfather did it when my father and uncle were born, are the beautiful cherry blossoms at Cason Wonderland; My father did when I was born and I did:
When she came to the world my daughter I planted a plum. With adopt a tree gives everyone the opportunity to contribute to the revival of the plateau

Really has a special sensitivity Cristina and thelove of nature that shines from his eyes and his words have it inside forever.
"Love nature especially small things I find of an immense magnitude: an Ant who brings her food, a worm that moves in the water ... I have this deep connection with the land, the forest and nature to Grandma Lella. She was, but she was in love with a plateau, I always wore in the Woods. His birthplace on Cason Wonderland was the magical place where I took refuge when ever I needed to feel good. Realizing there the Petting Zoo is a dream I had for a long time and today I am living. "
The passion for nature seems to be innate even in small Emy, his daughter. "She tells us- you like me: she loves being outdoors."

Talk with Cristina is an effective way to rediscover the love of nature: with her eyes in love you see many things that normally escape most people; his enthusiasm and poetry with which he described the wonders of nature are immersive. Now, especially in front of trees, we're careful and
silent to listen to what, in their infinite wisdom, have to tell us.

Stefania Longhini

Pictures from the newspaper the plateau


Heading the provincial Federation Coldiretti Vicenza #adottaunalbero
IBAN: IT 60 R 03069 11886 100000000169

For more information: facebook.com/Adottaunalbero-Coldiretti-Vicenza

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