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FAT biking, biking on the Asiago plateau in winter

Published 18 Feb 2015 - 11.48

The bike with oversized tires, which provides amazing possibilities on the snow and on unstable soils, is catching on even from us.

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Anopportunity that is not all, but for those who have the spirit and the body to do it, get into cycling in winter with snow on the summits as Mandriolo, Portule, Caldiera must be an experience that gives unique emotions. How can I ride on snow-covered ground and do a long way? You riding a fat bike!
The bicycle with "greasy wheels", which you can define the evolution of mountain biking, is likely to tread soft soils: born in America some time ago now, is a phenomenon that is spreading lately also from us. Traveling with wide tires that can be from 3.9 "(9.6 cm) or 4.8" (12.2 cm) and low pressure (from 0.5 to 0.8 PSI).
To draw our attention on bike with fat wheels, or large if you will, were the photos of our sites posted on Facebook by Jojo Dh, pseudonym of Giorgio piovenese channel: beautiful images of captured aboard this particular medium. Stunning photographs taken during trips sometimes begin before the Sun even that arise, to assist along the way atunmatched spectacle in the sky that is dyed bright colors and the amazing Sunrise, in contrast with the white of the abundantly snowy landscape.
"The snow makes me crazy – tells George Channel – so when I found out through other bikers the existence of this bike, the marriage is done! It's a passion that comes from my past of Mountaineer and from my experience the mountain 360°, assiduously, for twenty years with hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, via ferrata, climbing on ice and slopes of gullies in winter".

Sports practiced in various mountain areas including the plateau, where George says he's "grown" by exploring it far and wide.
"Fat-bike is designed primarily to be used on snow – explains – but by the time it is understood that even in summer can give amazing results on the roughest terrain and whatever the weather. In the snow, except on the "gear", has a fantastic, but travel with wide and low pressure tires allows dirt to overcome even in the rocks, roots and obstacles without accusing shots. Is it possible to "climb" on steps of rock since the large rubber wrapped around stones and remaining stable edges without ever losing the ride, especially on gravel. Unlike normal wheels, in gravelly dirt roads the "fat" remains in trajectory and feel safe, the mud is like a tractor, there is much less bogged down it glides downhill and is very stable even on cobblestone streets covered with wet leaves. With great prudence and deflating the tires to 0.3/0.4 PSI you can overcome even the ice, as long as it is not too steep, in that case you have to studded tyres upright. A large and deflate tire works better in every situation apart from the asphalt, where you have a suction effect, but for short sections can be done, otherwise you have to inflate the tires, or mountspecific. "
"Fat -continues Giorgio – is a bike you need to take with the spirit of adventure, slowly, without haste: the important thing is to get to the goal where others arrive on foot, with snowshoes or with the sci. The emotions are indescribable damage: you can reach heights where only climbers, that look at you like you were a Martian! Downhill the feelings are even stronger because you know that you're doing, riding a bike, what others do only mountaineering skiing or snowshoeing. More fun is cycling for the snowy Woods at sunrise on the traces left by snowshoeing . "
Are growing this bicycle estimators which allows extreme excursions, meeting even in a club, the Miss Grape Fat Bike Club with face book group that has more than 1,600 members, all exclusively fat bike owners. Every year in the world organize events for reunions, in mid-January there was a gathering of "fat-tones" even on the plateau, the Monte Corno.

An excellent alternative to the usual ways of living the mountain

A phenomenon to be reckoned as well from the point of view of the tourist attraction of mountain sports enthusiasts, that riding fat bike have possibility to receive the territory differently, whatever the weather and climate.Especially in times of scarcity of snow, since the fat, unlike skis or snowshoes to follow mixed terrain, starting from dimensions where snow is missing, until you get to the white peaks. Having wanted to open to novelties, the think bike specially jokes, maybe next to those for the Fund, with rental and excursions may be a good starting point for bringing to this sport. Also from us. In Livigno, the realm of biking, running quietly with the bike from fat tires on the tracks, alongside cross-country skiers, is already a reality, as the transport at high altitude with cableways, to descend to the paths of the forest.
"In Cadore , says George Channel – in recent years the shelters have made an agreement that provides for the opening of as many as 32 paths beaten by snowcat for access to 34 shelters in the winter with snowshoes, starting from monte: for us bikers of fat is the greatest find a trail beaten 2 or 3 metres wide. In the area there are climbs Curtain jokes that bring in the various shelters. As well as along the paths of CAI, the sport could be practiced on a track specially joke: in Lavarone, made a track ring 20 km with ascents, descents and jumps; Folgaria also expects a path beaten by about 60 km. available in"payment.
"Certainly the fat bike – Andrea Martini tells us of the Association Bike Trek is anexcellent alternative to the usual ways of living the mountain during the winter season. We are organizing easy bike tours in this period on paths that type of train route, but I think if, as you can find in other places, there were half-beaten paths in the snow you could propose guided outputs where, in addition to technical knowledge on how to ride in the winter, you could tell our territory, combining all the relief shelters and promotion of typical products".

Silvana Bortoli

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