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Film actors return meadows: Asiago there remains in the heart

Published 19 Nov 2014 - 09.50

Torneranno i Prati un film di Ermanno Olmi

  • Giornale l'Altopiano 8 novembre
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Of Asiago plateau and will remember not only the working experience on the set, which for them was very engaging, "thanks – say – the enlightened person that is Ermanno Olmi. He tries always not an actor who does the actor but who lives a real experience; a poet who has managed to put a lot of poetry in the film, despite the strong theme of war".

Performers Claudio Santamaria, who in the film plays the eldest, Tenentino and Alessandro Sperduti tell us how they lived their tenure with Asiago and their views on our territory. Fully shared thoughts from around the rest of the cast of the film will return the lawns.

"The weeks spent in ", says Claudio Santamaria - there was a great spirit of friendship that exists between us. Having shared experiences so strong on set, we joined a lot, we happened more than once to burst in tears after the stop filming some scenes.  Then there is surely in the beauty of your places. We lived much in the territory, making walking, going to see the games ofthe ice hockey and whatnot.

I was impressed the visit we made to theOssuary. There, as we watched the tombstones and read those names, we heard the sound of trumpets playing the silence at the time of the closure and we stayed silent during the whole piece with chills, in meditation for these guys who have died unfairly, that have made this sacrifice not knowing really why they were doing. In short, nice experience on the set, but also the life out of the same".

"A very nice part of this film are pictures of a gorgeous place what is thePlateau. There are some shots that will leave you breathless. I repeat, Asiago is, from the point of view of the environment and landscape, an extraordinaryplace ".

"For me it was a great experience from the first to the last day, we found amazing hospitality – says to turn the Tenentino Salom I I had never been to Washington before turning this movie and this place I was really in the heart. I brought all my relatives, because I wanted to see this country. Then we had our places to go to drink chocolate or aperitif. Beautiful also the relationship with the local actors and extras. You created with them a small world. It was very easy to create a bond with them. We helped each other. It was a nice shared experience".

Stefania Longhini

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