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He was born the new municipality of Lusiana Conco

Published 28 Feb 2019 - 13.02
Articolo su Comune Lusiana Conco

From the day 20 February, lapsed the two administrations, the ordinary management of the territory is entrusted to the prefectorial Riccardo stable, helped by two outgoing mayors

  • Giornale l'Altopiano 23 febbraio 2019
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After the green light of the Regional Council to theUnion of municipalities of Lusiana and Conco, was born February 20, Wednesday, the new municipality of Lusiana Conco. In the light of the results of the referendums held
on 16 December last year, was thus approved the Bill establishing the new administrative entity, alongside the one that initiates the municipality of Colceresa combining Mason Vicentino and Molvena.

Projects, specifically the number 333 (Colceresa), which received the unanimous go-ahead, and number 382 (Lusiana Conco), adopted with 40 votes in favour and 1 abstention, were presented in plenary by the group leader of the Northern League Nicholas Father It has always supported and followed this process. Everything went according to procedure and therefore no last minute surprises, which were not expected.

After the approval of the Regional Council, it was necessary a few days for posting on the BUR of the decree that established the decadence of the two municipal councils in loads to which a sole Commissioner that will handle, assisted by two outgoing Auditors Antonella Chandra to Lusiana and Graziella Stefani for Conco, routine administration of both territories so far administratively distinct.
All until next May 26, when the round of local elections involving other municipalities and will therefore advantag 4 to elect the first Council and the first Mayor of the new municipality of Lusiana Conco.

The road to the merger had been flattened by the referendum held on 16 December last year that he had seen a 44% turnout in Lusiana and 46.2% in Chandrasekaran, with the victory of the Yes in both municipalities.
In Lusiana the votes in favour were 870; 306 instead. In Conco, otherwise, the victory of the Yes was not so clear-cut and endorsed the merger project was passed with very few waste vows: 576 564 Yes against No.

With this marriage, the new municipality of Lusiana Conco will become the second of the plateau, with a greater political and administrative weight and with a population of approximately 4700 inhabitants.

"That this path has been successful ," says Antonella Corradin – for us that we start is cause for satisfaction. It was an intense and frantic period, for the need to close all the administrative program
at least three months before the normal expiry
. "
Looking ahead, saw the approaching elections, the entire group of Directors of Lusiana is ready to make themselves available and to start working again for the new municipality.
"We believe it is a major challenge -said there is the desire to Antonella Corradin – get involved and there are so many ideas. Concrete reasoning do not yet have been made. I think there's a need for people with skills and some design skills and I believe in my team we are. "

"Conco – Tasie Stefani says in turn – the transition has not been easy, there were, as you know, several moods, but I believe that time will prove us right. As for the immediate, on 20 February we welcomed Commissioner, Dr. Richard Stabile, with whom we will be every Monday to accompany the new municipality
this transitional phase. Looking at local elections in may, I'll be there, I hope others of my administration are willing to accompany me in this challenge. The will, with Antonella Corradin and administration of Lusiana is to merge the two lists into one".

As for the Organization of the municipal offices, as we will adjust?
"The accord, one of the fundamental premises of the merger is to ensure that citizens do not have to face hardships and are forced to move, and then in both municipalities will remain in place and all the services you need ".

Meanwhile on Facebook page of the municipality of Lusiana has already turned into the municipality of Lusiana Conco. The cover photo is a nice aerial view of the two countries. "I think – Antonella Corradin-concludes that the path taken from the southern part of the plateau, the most peripheral, it can act as a wish and open a road for the whole territory".

Stefania Longhini

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