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Rural Emotion, cooperation project, promotes tourism in the smaller towns

Published 15 Oct 2014 - 09.58

Zocchi verso Bertigo

  • Giornale l'Altopiano 27 settembre
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"It would be nice someday, reading a story, someone could locate the place and try my sentiments and my same feelings".

A desire, that expressed by Mario Rigoni Stern, tried by who knows how many of his readers, who today find reply thanks to transactional co-operation project Rural Emotion thought to promote tourism in the smaller towns, creating itineraries linked to culture and important authors who were born and lived.

Project partners are the Local action groups (LAGS) veneti Montagna Vicentina, lower Padua, Terra Berica, ancient Reign, veronese Plain and the GAL Pohjoios Satakunta (Finland). With regard to the plateau, the Town of Asiago selected places and tours told by Mario Rigoni Stern, who in his works has been able to describe in an original way the culture of the mountain peoples. 25 routes, to go on foot or by bicycle, to lead the visitor to the land of Mario step by step between nature and culture of the plateau.

"Perhaps no writer was attached to his land as Mario Rigoni Stern , says Sergio Fridge, curator of the contents of the project- but by real icon of its plateau, he has managed to embody the soul of the whole mountain, becoming one of the most authoritative and universal interpreters of the relationship between man and nature, and between collective memory and personal history and community. With its clear and deep writing but never complicated, he defined the contours, consolidated the meanings, featuring the face of a local identity which has always conceived though as accessible to all those who, despite living in the contradictions of modernity, had a clear look and a pure heart".

The value of the project, which aims to promote these routes also among young people, is also given by the media with which it will be disclosed: a dedicated website with author information and details of routes and an app for smarhphone and tablet, which will be available in a matter of weeks. They also provided a dedicated comics and geocatching activities that lead young people to discover the special places through treasure hunts through the use of GPS devices.

The project represents an opportunity to approach and discover the natural, cultural, gastronomic, scenery of plateau of Asiago and 7 Municipalities reconnecting to those places that have seen Rigoni Stern play as a child, then grow up and become men, leaving for the war and return to get more.

Twenty-five routes between nature and culture of the Highland

Journeying with Mario, in direct contact with its mountains, its country, natural attractions, the ancient traditions, hospitality that this expresses. In the itineraries of Rural Emotion – the Mario Rigoni Stern, the biographical writer lived intersects with the stories and episodes that belong to history and to the living of the people of the plateau.

Places that evoke stories of montanari, malghesi, cheesemakers, recovering, shepherds, hunters, rock climbers, boys of districts, young partisans... in any case, simple men, whose rhythms are those dictated by the nature that surrounds them. The description of the routes we propose introducing the places through works by books in which Rigoni Stern sets his stories, explain the context and illustrating the path.

One of the proposals, Cima XII, Cima Portule, Malga del Dosso-Manazzo, Monte Zebio, but also the four houses (the most important of the life of the writer) and The Piazza di Asiago.

Silvana Bortoli

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