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The Altopiano di Asiago has a new ski school: Larch was born – Val Ant

Published 15 Sep 2014 - 12.28

La Scuola Sci Larici Val Formica

  • Giornale l'Altopiano 13 settembre
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A new ski school on theAsiago plateau, is the Larches-Val Ant, team consisting of 14 masters. Some are young, others have also thirty years experience in teaching, it is a group able to combine tradition and innovation.

"After the rebirth of theski area , which in recent seasons has seen the presence of a group of masters – explains Cristiano Carli, Director of the new ski school - he felt the need to provide a more comprehensive service and organized, with a school that had headquarters at the station, in order to propose asporty tourist offer able to meet all needs.

Specializations and qualifications of our ski and snowboard instructors allow us to satisfy all requests: teaching young children, the disabled, in a foreign language, teaching by Federal coaches who aims to take the path of competitive activity. The school also was born with a view of what will be the future development of this area, which we consider to be the most beautiful of the Asiago plateau because large and sunny, and situated at an altitude high enough to ensure an adequate snowmaking.

An area which has great potential: today is especially suitable for families, with slopes suitable for teaching to children and a global offering that allows parents not only to ski, but also to do other tasks or sit quietly in relax while the kids make lesson. But in the future, given the development of the project, the station will also become important for those seeking the most challenging tracks, and play a role of location in winteroffer ".

"Our project – continues Carli - aims to be more than a ski school according to what is the traditional concept: we will in fact be teaching a series of activities related to the environment in which we operate, working with the ski area in the Organization of events that can be torchlight processions, music with dj, promotional moments dedicated to sponsors and companies, events with guests. We also book of days in certain seasonal periods favoring the popularization of skiing, which is legislative objectives required to ski schools. Particular attention to reserve for schools by province and region, with the desire to bring children to the sport".

The ski school Val Larch Ant will not however make path to itself, but hopes cooperation with other schools, hoping that we can give life to anAssociation of ski schools of the plateau. Meanwhile, waiting for it to arrive in the winter season, the new ski school is focusing on awareness promotion activities and initiatives, or through the website (currently under construction) www.scuolascilaricivalformica.it, which with the Organization of direct promotion through the presence of collaborators in various locations.

Silvana Bortoli

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