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The benches of Mezzaselva teach some cimbro

Published 9 May 2018 - 11.26
Panchine a Mezzaselva con scritte in cimbro

An interesting initiative of the Pro loco of Mezzaselva to pass on and make known the Cimbrian language

  • Giornale l'Altopiano 5 maggio 2018
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In Mezzaselva, benches become place of contemplation past and present: in what is the cradle of cimbro, thanks to the ingenuity and commitment of a group of Pro Loco and other volunteers, has given birth to a new to initiative that intends to be an incentive not to forget its origins and learn a few words cimbra.

"In the past ," says Christian Hammer, President of Pro Mezzaselvain the country were posted killed both playing cards with the legends of Paola Hammer, last year we made a calendar with photos history of Mezzaselva and phrases in cimbro and Italian, and now ingegnandoci to modernize the benches, we thought to personalize them and make them somewhat unique! Each spring the Pro loco takes care to position the country's benches, just removing them later in the fall to protect them from the snow. But with the passage of time have so damaged that this year it was decided to make them a nice makeover for the new season. "

The work has been quite challenging, given that in total the benches are thirty, of which many were in need of replacing some auctions and correspondence on metal parts rather rusty, as well as painting. With the benefit of good weather in the dopolavoro a group of Pro loco and some volunteers
mobilized for sanding and painting the benches making them gaudy.

"To make them unique in their appearance – explains Hammer- it was thought also to complete the work by writing on the benches some proverbs, places and objects of everyday use in cimbro, with translation into Italian.

Really a nice idea that's sure to attract the attention of visitors as well as residents in the country!

"A dutiful thanks concludes Hammer- goes out to all the volunteers who have dedicated themselves to the realization of the project. Thanks to their continuous and constant help, in the village there is a good collaboration, resulting in being able, together, to improve services. "

Silvana Bortoli

Photo from newspaper the plateau

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