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The closure of the Shrine Monday, tourists and visitors indispettisce

Published 22 Jun 2015 - 17.25

Sacrario militare leiten

  • Giornale l'Altopiano 20 giugno 2015
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The Military Shrine of Leiten, monument by the great historical and cultural value, a symbol of our Plateau in particular in this moment marks the centenary of the great war which constitutes a legacy, should be accessible every day to allow tourists and citizens to visit.

Numerous reports have arrived to our newspaper and the Administration to signal the impossibility of visiting the Shrine on Monday's rest day, and the inflexibility of the times. In particular we have collected the testimony of a asiaghese: "solemn, impressive ceremonies for the 100th anniversary of the great war to the Shrine of Asiago, but the Monument access time remains unchanged. No extraordinary concept: every Monday is closed for rest weekly, Sunday is open but only thanks to the presence of military volunteers of all ages who leave must however sign personal insurance for security reasons.".

Unfortunately it is not only the asiaghesi to pay the consequences of this situation, but also, above all, the many tourists who come to Asiago to visit and would like to go even at this symbol of our history, testimony continues: "Mondays repeat the same scenes: disappointed visitors in front of the closed gates. We have seen the dramatic military ban even in the face of school buses coming from afar. To a family of Ferrara, come up here with an elderly person, eager for some time to visit the place and recite a prayer where rests the body of a relative, was denied to do at least a lap around, because at that time it was closed. We asiaghesi we feel sorry and uneasy in the face of similar scenes, which continue to be repeated regularly. We know that even the municipal administration has insistently asked the Defense Ministry to at least partial derogation "day of rest", personally we wrote to the Ministry, not even a Parade reply. ".

This situation unfortunately has repercussions on the image itself of Asiago and the plateau, but the solution to this problem is not easily detectable at local level, since it's ministerial choices and issues that belong to the Central Government. The Mayor of Asiago, Roberto Rigoni Stern, which have similar reports, confirms: "We, already last year, made a complaint at Honour fallen, but to no avail. The vicissitudes and the central bureaucracy make it difficult for this release. But I have already sent a letter to the Ministry of defence to try and get greater flexibility of schedules and to focus on this problem which concerns a historical monument, by the great value that should be able to be visited and always easier".

The Commander of the barracks located near the Shrine explains the situation: "it's ministerial choices and so on all Shrines of Italy. On Mondays is closed for rest round and with regard to the timetable it is normal that there is a break in the lunch hour and that shrine close to seventeen, because so is scheduled at ministerial level. The Sunday we resolved with associations that allows open Shrine".

It is desirable that this situation is resolved, perhaps by making organizational changes and staff schedules, in order to ensure a service seven days a week during periods of increased tourist influx, particularly at this time of the centennial celebration.


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