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The great Rogazione Asiago will not sell

Published 26 May 2014 - 18.58
La Grande Rogazione di Asiago

La Grande Rogazione ... expected event, lived in an intimate from much of the Alpine, cannot and must not become "the tourist commodity"

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Saturday, May 31 you'll end up with the spirit of always, in a day that bears in itself the history, tradition and deep feelings .

An irresistibleattraction, an enormousinvitation, a privileged moment to feel community, walking side by side, sometimes rediscovering, sometimes invigorating our belong to this land, in these mountains, to this people. "We are each other" said teacher Qazi. Words that, in the run-up to this event, live fully every eve of Ascension, echo in our hearts with renewed vigour and with increasingly marked accents.

Guests are welcome and the hospitality is a must, as long as their presence is discreet and respectful. The great Rogazione Asiago folklore is not and should not be sold as tourist attraction. What it represents is guarded jealously for centuries and should be safeguarded. Is deep sharing and prayer, an indissoluble interweaving between yesterday and today, an exchange of priceless gifts between heaven and Earth, an immense breadth that embraces everything Asiago is, all those who were born here and have roots.

Bancroft, in his book "Only Words" recently published, describes excellently this appointment:

"The great Rogazione, the great prayer. Get up early in the morning to give a day to Sun and wind, is prayer. Walk along the Woods and meadows of springtime, is prayer. Go open spaces to the ends of heaven, is prayer. Tell and listen to the joys and sufferings of the heart, is prayer. Participate in the Mass, cosmic hymn of salvation, is prayer. Sing the ancient litany to unite the past and future, is prayer. Remember the dead and the gone and feel alive and neighbors within us, is prayer. Giving oneself the colored eggs and signs of new life, is prayer. Live like the eve of Ascension Day, the Ascension of Christ, son of God and son of man, the party that unites heaven and Earth: the great prayer, Great notary authorisation".

Words on which to meditate, walking, singing, praying, giving, at least for a day, to each other.

Stefania Longhini

All rights reserved.

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