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The MELETTE di Gallio on the Asiago plateau are on sale: the buy us?

Published 8 Jul 2014 - 18.44
Impianti di risalita delle Melette, Altopiano di Asiago

The MELETTE di Gallio on the Asiago plateau are on sale: the buy us?

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The Mayor of Asiago Roberto Rigoni Stern puts forward the proposal for a popular share ownership to take ownership of the ski area. "Serve 2.8 million, but leaves of our economy".

A winter without the Melette. Is the fact who opens for next winter, for the decision. The ski resort, once the most popular of thePlateau, is even for sale. To buy it it takes 2 million and 800 thousand euros.
The question "which – underlines the Asiago Mayor Roberto Rigoni Stern - covers the plateau because what is at stake is the future of our winter tourism" are occupying the towns of Gallium and Asiago. The Mayor asiaghese spoke publicly at the meeting held at Millepini Monday evening for a comparison between administration and trade operators on tourism initiatives.

"For the relaunch of Melette , said Rigoni Stern are ready 8 million grants which, with a great work of political mediation, my predecessor Andrea Gios managed to take home. This ski has a huge potential and is a sine qua non of our winter tourist offer. With its closure, we will lose a lot in terms of appeal and become a mountain resort that does not have a winter bid up".

"Here we need entrepreneurship with the capital I. -added then the Mayor – Where, see the example of the "Formica – Larch Valley entrepreneurs pledged have made excellent rekindling things with planning and ongoing implementation, a dead zone for years. I wonder whether it would be possible to transfer the Melette this business model. I am convinced that working fine you can come back to have air in the presence of the heyday. "

Beyond the willingness of entrepreneurs to invest in the galliese ski area, Roberto Rigoni Stern launched the proposal of a popular share ownership for its purchase.
"A meeting on this subject be held shortly – concluded – must feel everyone involved and shared: tour operators, ordinary citizens, even owners of second homes and tourists. It is the future of our tourism and our territory. "

The winter season may not therefore renounce ski alpine skiing: despite the innate vocation for cross-country, to create induced and economy of a certain thickness are always the lifts.
As well as in Melette you want to invest in Kaberlabapole, which is always a great attraction for families.

"In any event – stresses the Mayor – to make true tourism must all think big".

Stefania Longhini

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