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The Museum of Cuchi Cesuna, a unique collection that is likely to die

Published 11 Apr 2014 - 18.41

Il Museo dei Cuchi di CesunaThe Museum of Cuchi, a unique collection of priceless and likely to die

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Every second year on the occasion of the Feast of St. Mark, thanks to Gianfranco organization and Vania Valente of Cuchi Museum of Cesuna, has given rise to international Biennale of terracotta whistle, with a succession of issues has drawn an increasing number of participants from all over the world.

The whistles of competitors exposed earlier in the Council Chamber of the Town Hall in Canove and then at the Museum at Treschè Cesuna, gave a glimpse of what is anartistic expression of ancient tradition and multifaceted. Pity that the Tenth Edition, held in 2011, was the last.

"Lack of funds – explain spouses Valente – noon having more funding by region and province. The tenth edition we were able to do it with great exertion and forgiveness rather substantial figure directly, to get at least to close with a round number, that would make sense. "
Too bad, because the event over the years had grown to almost two hundred competitors with their varied works representing cultures and traditions of various peoples. And today, unfortunately, the Museum is in danger of dying.

A unique and beautiful collectionof twelve thousand pieces collected by Gianfranco Valente by 1960 onwards, hosted in municipal premises in via XXVII aprile to Treschè Cesuna that to be exploited would require first and foremost a new venue.
"Missing spaces – explain Vania and Gianfranco – first of all in order to expose all cuchi. Currently, 12,000 whistles of the Museum, we exposed to the public only a quarter, and need a classroom for handling, as we are required by schools. We have the problem of parking for coaches, who are unable to enter into that in front of the stable, and then we would be also accessible for the disabled".

In addition to these logistical problems, not indifferent is economic.

"The entrance to the Museum is free – keep spouses Valente- in these times people ask first of all whether you pay the ticket. And hardly do purchases, once managed to sell whistles extra collection, much lesstoday ".
Gianfranco and Vania grudgingly admit that he had also thought of selling the collection of the Museum, as are failing desire and strength to fight in order to move forward, despite everything.

"But even sell is problematic: split up a collection like this would be a crime, but sell in bulk is practically impossible. At the moment the solution that we see the most suitable for not throwing away years of passionate research of the terracotta whistles of every kind, is to a new venue, more adequate to attract and accommodate a greater number of visitors. "

The solution cannot be found? We hope your no: this great and unique heritage, made of small jewels that enchant the sight by offering a collection of artistic works like no other, certainly deserves to be seen by all.

Silvana Bortoli

All rights reserved.

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