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The Park Crocetta di Gallio builds the big table of friendship

Published 29 Sep 2017 - 17.54
parco crocetta

Everyone is invited to put your piece of wood (20 x 20 size, height 2/3 cm), take it from 29 August to 10 September at the Tourist Office (Asiago). An artist will assemble the whole thing.

  • Giornale l'Altopiano 27 agosto 2016
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TheAssociation "Friends of Silvia, Lisa and Roberta" Onlus, after many initiatives that we talked about in this newspaper, is carrying out a project that is based on the founding ideal of caring for collective space, enhancing the Park Crocetta di Gallio.

It is a historical place, it is said that "in the aftermath of the great war, galliesi refugees returned and began immediately to rebuild the shattered country. In the reconstruction efforts and put special attention to the creation not only of public gardens, but also of small pine trees made the most picturesque corners of the country so as to facilitate the meetings and relations between citizens. For cultural and historical reasons the locality Hook was treated with great care. Many great larch trees that were planted over the years grew and developed in such a way as to represent an authentic natural spectacle".
The creative intent which produced the realization, after the war, this special place is the same which leads today to redevelop the Park to give back to the community a space of all.

Thanks to the great work of volunteers, in the last month a large circular Firebox is built in the middle of the Park. The item was designed with a dual function: the lower part, with some sitting around, wants to invite to "make filò" in front of the fire, while the top floor will be devoted to the grid.

The next step of the project is the construction of what will be aparticipatory artwork: the table of friendship, a single, unique and large table to facilitate the aggregation and being together.

With the help of a volunteer, has already been supplied and installed the metal structure, while for the completion of the plan, the Association is launching a participatory art project inviting the population to donate a piece of wood.
The boys of the Association explained: "the basic idea is to involve people in the construction of a work of all, which is why it can be an art form. An artist will help us in the composition, but it will be only the hand because the real stars will be who will participate in putting your own piece. This action is a metaphor of the principles on which moves our group and the spirit with which we are carrying out the renovation of this park. "

All are invited to participate in this project: the collection will be from 29 August to 10 September in Gallium at the tourist office, which is open from 15 to 18 and closed on Mondays. It is important that the wood pieces are of a minimum size of 20 x 20 cm and the thickness is about 2-3 cm.

An ambitious project not only in the ideals and in intent, but also in the realization. A work in progress with the help of all will constitute not only a special place to find and share, but a unique artistic object. Another good initiative of the young Galliesi that will help make the country more beautiful, but also more United by fostering friendship and relations between citizens.

The Association invites you to follow the facebook page "gallium cross Park".
For more information please write to: silvialisaeroberta@libero.it

Julia Rafferty

All rights reserved.

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