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"The problem of damaged trails must never be underestimated"

Published 21 Nov 2018 - 15.27
Articolo sentieri Altopiano

Nicola Lobbia, Chairman of CAI Plateau 7 C stresses the importance of restoring even in terms of tourist economy

  • Giornale l'Altopiano 17 novembre 2018
  • The article is based on the number of fortnightly Saturday 17 November 2018 plateau, available in all newsstands of the plateau.
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Mountain trails inaccessible for the damage suffered and to the ban issued by the Ordinances of the mayors of the plateau.

The damage caused by bad weather that made it impossible most of the trails in our area, are just one of the many consequences following the devastation of the Gale.

Of the 32 paths of Asiago Plateau deals with maintenance section 7 municipalities, CAI only 5 have no recorded damage.

"We are working to have an accurate picture of the situation – says the President of the CAI Nicola Lobbia – and to begin to free up some areas where you can do that with our forces. We have obtained permission from the Office of the municipality of Asiago Heritage to take the census of plants falls where there is access to the mountain. The size of the damage are huge, and some trails not involved directly by the falling of the trees are likely to be damaged by machines that will be used to clean up the devastated areas, so after cleaning the Woods some will be restored or

"In everything that has happened – I think even -Stetson continues the look of damaged trails should not be underestimated, being very important to our tourist industry. We are the plateau of the mountain accessible outdoor hiking, mountain bike, and cross country skiing, Alpine and mountaineering. It is thanks to the network of our trails that you can, for us and for tourists, to enjoy the best of our country. In place there are Ordinances that apply to all paths and that we must respect, we hope that you can come back to haunt you ASAP once secured.
The CAI has planned to organize for next spring a more specific intervention plan, which will need the help of volunteers and partners of our section, and also by others. We mentioned the problem at the meeting of the vicentine sections of CAI, to sensitize all the help, both economically and from the standpoint of manual labor. We are committed to freeing the network of trails frequented during the winter season, we hope to succeed in the short term
. "

The paths that have not been damaged are the830 (Galmarara – Crossroad Italy)833 (trail of 5 cemeteries)835 (Cima XII) 839 (oven – Campigoletti) and840 Ortigara).
"Those who are in the worst shape ," says Nicola Lobbia-are that of Val Miela, where a stretch of 100 metres you are counted more than 200 plants, all part of Enegor and869 (path of Memorial stones). He's pretty bad even the832, in part on the cross rises at Zebio ".

CAI, as well as to strive for in its ability to restore trails, is putting up a project which aims to involve shops and activities for raising funds through a particular trade initiative, It will be made known as soon as defined and organized. ****

Silvana Bortoli
Photos taken from Newspaper plateau and from the Facebook profile of Cai Plateau 7 C

Scorsa AltopianeseTHE LAST PLATEAU
A concrete gesture to restore access to our #magicoAltopiano mountain

The initiative to assist concretely and economically the CAI is called LAST and consists of a gadget (freshner for environments) which can be bought in various shops of the plateau.
Part of the proceeds (3 euros) will go to the section for the restoration of all the paths involved.

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