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Spa, physiotherapy, fitness, wellness and massages

Image 5 Sense

Image 5 Sense

The Image 5 Sense beauty center is an advanced aesthetics center and basic aesthetics specializing in beauty technologies and innovative treatments.
Located in one of the central streets of Asiago this elegant and welcoming beauty center is a place for the well-being of body and mind, where you can take a break from the daily routine and devote yourself to the care of your person.

The professionals of Image 5 Sense follow with commitment, constancy and dedication their professional preparation putting it at the service of customers and giving each of them the advice for a personalized aesthetic path.

Man does not have a body separate from the soul. What we call the body is the part of the soul that stands out for its five senses
William Blake

Treatments of the beauty center

Below you will find all the basic and advanced beauty treatments carried out at the Image 5 Sense beauty center in Asiago, with the relative prices.

Cabin for body treatments

Contact the beauty centre for more information on treatments and to make an appointment.


Professional treatments dedicated to face and décolleté, eyes and lips. Lifting, oxygenating, restructuring, for dry, combination and oily skin. To each his own. How to choose the ideal one for you? Together.

New skin
Deep dermoactive cleansing treatment dedicated to the face, neck and décolleté. The use of ultrasound purifies the skin, increases hydration and gives a bright and compact appearance.
Purifying and dermo balancing treatment, recommended on oily and acne-prone skin. The disinfectant, purifying and healing action gives a bright, compact face with a homogeneous complexion.
Hydrorestitution treatment for dehydrated dry skin. Nourishes and elasticizes the skin, gives a toned and compact appearance to the tissues.
Oxygen Pearl
Oxygenating, rejuvenating treatment, suitable for all skin types. The result? Bright, fresh and velvety face.
Be•White 2.0
Anti-aging treatment with natural effervescent acids. Exfoliating, brightening and stain-resistant.
Top Defence
Soothing "barrier effect" treatment for sensitive, delicate and hyper-reactive skin. It strengthens the skin and protects it from external factors, calms redness and evens out the complexion.
Youth treatment that prevents and counteracts the signs of aging, thanks to the high concentration of minerals and the cosmetic mix of trace elements customizable according to the type of skin.
Treatment for face, neck and décolleté with filling and volumizing action dedicated to the face of menopausal women. It prolongs cellular vivacity and gives a toned, plumped and compact appearance.
Anti-aging lifting effect based on plant embryos. Thanks to the oak shoots, it acts on skin hydration, regenerating and repairing the skin of the face.
Multivitamin treatment with vitamins A, B5, C, E, F, Goji berries and pomegranate extract. A precious high-performance cosmetic cocktail, enhanced with three types of hyaluronic acid with different molecular weight, counteracts the signs of aging, sagging and opacity.
Innovative professional aesthetic treatment dedicated to the lips and undersight. The lips gain volume and turgor, the small skin grooves are reduced, and the contour appears redefined. The sub chin is reshaped, along with the contour of the face.
Intensive eye treatment, specific for dark circles, swelling and fatigue. Designed to give new vitality to the eye.
Facial treatment that combines needling and Rigenera cosmetics, designed to treat wrinkles, acne scars, enlarged pores and sun spots.
€ 80,00 (per session, minimum 5 sessions)
Multi-stage cosmetic program lasting 4 weeks formulated to replenish the elements already present in the skin's biological capital that are lost with the passage of time (vitamins, proteins, trace elements, collagen, elastin, oxygen and hyaluronic acid). Ideal for keeping the skin young and vital.

Body treatments

Professional treatments specific to the body, to reshape the silhouette and compact the fabric. For each point or imperfection, Image 5 Sense recommends the most suitable route.

Trattamenti corpo Image 5 Sense
Liporeducing thermogenic volcanic powder treatment: counteracts adiposity and stimulates the microcirculation of congested areas, promotes a visible reduction of imperfections related to cellulite, water retention and orange peel skin.
Thermal Slim
Treatment dedicated to counteracting adiposity. It shapes and defines shapes, leaving a healthy and smooth tissue. Gives shape and harmony in maximum comfort and relaxation
Body Layering
Total body treatment with remodeling and toning action.
Slim & Tone
Treatment with liposolvent, metabolizing and toning action dedicated to: arms, hips, abdomen, buttocks, legs, knees and ankles. Natural active ingredients and specific manual skills shape and refine the body, dissolve the most resistant nodules, detoxify the most infiltrated tissues and tone the most relaxed fabrics.
H-Adipos over 50
Specific intensive treatment for the imperfections of the menopausal woman. It counteracts cellulite, fat and atony through the synergy of manual skills and new generation phytoceutic substances aimed at shaping and global and localized compaction of the female body.
Gummy Fast
Specific treatment with alginates and active substances designed to reshape, tone and sculpt critical points: hump, double chin, breast, arms, abdomen, inner thighs, buttocks, culotte de cheval, knees, ankles. Ideal for draining, reducing or firming the most difficult areas with fat, cellulite or retention.
Chocolate scent treatment, dedicated to slimming and tanning of face and body. Perfect for shaping shapes, draining and obtaining a compact, golden and silky skin. Also ideal as a pre and post holiday, to prepare the body for the costume test, keep it fit and tanned.
Legs, abdomen, buttocks. The exclusive "cosmetic coaching" to reduce and shape circumferences.
First-aid kit
Algae and salt: perfect combination to slim and tone arms, hips, abdomen, buttocks, legs, knees and ankles with fat, cellulite and fluid retention. Bandages, active homeocosmetics of marine and vegetable origin and specific targeted manual skills shape and refine the shapes.
Swollen legs
Ideal leg treatment to drain and deflate swollen, heavy, tingling or cramping legs and give relief to tired ankles and legs. It promotes lymphatic drainage, stimulates circulation and reduces water retention, thanks to specific manual skills, bandages and targeted cosmetics.
Breast push-up
Specific treatment to shape, tone and lift the breast point. It acts on skin and muscle trophism, ensures turgor and elasticity, consolidates the "natural bra". Also ideal as a preventive treatment for stretch marks.
Biokalco body 
"Treating imperfections at 360°". The 4-axis body method is based on the identification and classification of imperfections of the body using treatments and techniques localized with specific functional substances.
€ 80,00 (1 zone)
€ 120,00 (2 zones)
Fusion Ritual Massage Technique
Relaxing and relaxing, it draws from the massage techniques of the Oriental disciplines, Thai, Shiatsu and Thai Oil, reworking them in a physio-aesthetic/ structural key of Western mold. A fusion of philosophies and manual skills aimed at restoring psycho-physical balance.
€ 70,00 (1 hour)
Relaxing, draining and anti-fatigue.
€ 60,00 (50 min)
€ 35,00 (30 min)

The staff of Image 5 Sense is at your disposal to customize specific treatment packages with promotional formulas.

Body rituals

Exclusive and professional, the wellness rituals of Image 5 Sense offer timeless emotions. Take a seat, close your eyes and treat yourself to a moment of relaxation of your own.

Rituali corpo Image 5 Sense
Jam delight
Stimulating, moisturizing and reactivating wellness ritual, based on cosmetic jams. The result? A soft, compact and regenerated skin.
White mud bath
Enveloping ritual, characterized by an exfoliating relaxation treatment and a soft flow of white mud. It purifies and regenerates the skin through an enveloping sensory massage, detox effect.
White gold
Pure wellness treatment with dead sea and Himalayan salts, with intensive natural actions to dry, drain and disenchant the body from toxins. It gives a wonderful sense of lightness.
Soft beauty wrap with green clay and iron water. It envelops the body to remove impurities, regenerate and give vitality to the skin. It slims and shapes the body with oxygenating action.
Delicious sensory experience at 360 °: smell, taste, sight and touch are involved in a chocolate casting and an enveloping massage. It nourishes and pampers the skin, stimulates melanin and, with a few minutes of solarium, gives a golden, silky and compact body.
Wine bath
Face and body beauty ritual with jam with Vitis Vinifera, for anti-aging, protective and draining actions. It gives a renewed, protected and elastic skin.
Specific treatment to decontrarrhete the stiffness of the body caused by incorrect postures, fatigue or stress. It gives immediate relief and vitality. Notes of arnica, scents of forest and a stimulating synergy of 17 essential oils promote a pleasant feeling of relaxation, elasticity and vigor.
Silky Body
Ritual inspired by the tradition of the hammam that nourishes and moisturizes the skin giving the body light and softness. It is ideal as a pre and post holiday treatment to stimulate and renew the tan, as the beginning of any beauty path.

Advanced aesthetics

Innovative treatments of advanced aesthetics for face and body, which, combined with beauty technologies, complete the unique experience to be lived with Image 5 Sense.

Permanent makeup (micropigmentation)

It is an aesthetic practice that involves the introduction of a pigment into the basal dermis through the use of the dermograph. Permanent makeup is perfect for women who want to have a well-groomed appearance,in harmony with their face

Eyebrow archUS€400.00
Gradient eyelinerUS€350.00
Eyeliner + eyebrow arch packageUS€600.00
Eyeliner package + eyebrow arch + infraciligliare + lipsUS€900.00

Advice and pre-drawing are included in the price.

Eyelash lamination

Treatment performed on natural eyelashes to accentuate their curvature, volume and shine. Ideal for those who have few eyelashes, tending downwards, disheveled and thin, but also for those who want to enhance the look.US€65.00

Laser hair removal

Epilaser is the innovative laser system for progressively definitive hair removal treatments for women and men. The treatment is suitable for all areas of face and body, any skin phototype and hair color.

Full faceUS€40.00
Partial groinUS€30.00
Full groinUS€45.00
Half legsUS€60.00
Full legsUS€90.00
Abdomen and chestUS€90.00
Partial back€ 40,00-50,00
Back€ 70,00-80,00
Full legsUS€100.00

Beauty technologies

The experience and preparation of our operators are combined with the high performance guaranteed by technologies. Hands and machinery work together to smooth critical points and give a clear answer to face and body blemishes.

Tecnologie di bellezza Image 5 Sense
Body tester
Diagnostic method that allows to evaluate the body composition in terms of water, lean mass and fat mass.
Oxygen Plus
Professional aesthetic equipment used in concentrated oxygen facial treatments.
€ 70,00 per session
(cosmetic treatment + oxygen therapy)
Through the use of a handpiece, it allows the removal of the surface layer of the epidermis and the increase of the cell turnover of the treated tissue, favoring a greater absorption of cosmetic products.
€ 70,00 per session
(cosmetic treatment + microdermabrasion)
Lipo Ageing
4-in-1 multi-action aesthetic equipment (laser + radiofrequency + endomassage + chromophrequency) to sculpt and shape the body, redensify and smooth the face and decontralay muscle tension.
€ 80,00 per session
(facial cosmetic treatment + equipment)
€ 100,00 per session
(body cosmetic treatment + equipment)
New Basic Dynamics
Presso-massage treatment, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, reduces swelling.
€ 40,00 per session
(cosmetic treatment + presso-massage)
New Thermovit
Through infrared heating bands, it acts on adipose areas, skin depressions and "orange peel" skin, promoting an intense reducing action.
€ 40,00 per session
(cosmetic treatment + equipment)
Dead Sea hot salt cradle
Salt tank heated to a temperature of 40 degrees, ideal for slimming, draining, toning and detoxifying the body.
€ 35,00 per session
€ 15,00 (after body treatment)
Tanning shower, open, equipped with 3 vertical aluminum panels, each with 12 high-efficiency reflective UV-A lamps.
€ 1,00 per minute
Vasca di sale

Basic aesthetics

Waxing she-him waxing

Eyebrows€ 5,00-10,00
Full groinUS€15.00
Partial groin€ 8,00-12,00
Half legs€ 25,00-30,00
Full legs€ 40,00-50,00
Chest€ 25,00-30,00
Back€ 25,00-40,00

Hands and feet

Manicure with semi-permanent enamelUS€35.00
Manicure SpaUS€30.00
Nail reconstructionUS€60.00
Pedicure€ 25,00-35,00
Normal enamel application+ € 5,00
Pedicure with semi-permanent enamelUS€50.00
Pedicure SpaUS€40.00
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