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Book at WAR with the 6th ALPINI REGIMENT world war Centennial 12/8 Gallium

Tuesday 12/8/2014 at 20:45
Libro In Guerra con il 6º Reggimento Alpini di Giocondo Bonotto

Book presentation at WAR with the 6th ALPINI REGIMENT world war Centenary, gallium, Asiago plateau, August 12, 2014

Tuesday, 12 August, 2014 at theAuditorium of Gallio, the Asiago plateau, at 20.45 hours will take place the presentation of the book by Giocondo Bonotto In war with the 6th Alpini Regiment. Libya-plain of Vezzena-Monte Cukla-Monte Ortigara-red.

The book is published by the publishing house Itinera Projects, from years specializing in publications on the great war, edited by two industry veterans, Professor Paul Pozzato and historian Roger Dal Molin, and by a young but prolific historian, James Bollini, already the author of several essays on the great war.

Thanks to exciting memories of a mountain Battalion Bassano and the rich and unique photographic apparatus ofArchivio Storico Dal Molin, the book will catapult directly from the bitter fighting of the Libyan desert, during the wars of Africa, up to terrible battlefields of the great war.

A magnificent fresco on theepic degli alpini and their businesses in Libya, on the plain of Vezzena, on Cukla andseven Municipalities Plateau and at the battle of Mount Ortigara.

At war with the 6th Alpini Regiment

The author started as a volunteer for Libya in 1913, will witness major episodes involving gli alpini in North Africa. Back at home you will see soon rejoined his fellow soldiers at the outbreak of the great war. The epic clashes on Mount Cukla, revived in the excitement of those days, I can make us understand why this mountain, together withOrtigara, became one of the symbols of the alpine troops.

Here's the reason for the proposal for this book. This is not a memory on the colonial conflict in Libya, which has dropped into obscurity much of diaries that covered and that represents one of the factors, certainly not the last, that led to the crisis of the Ottoman Empire, the destabilisation in the Balkans and the outbreak of the war.

It is not just another war diary, though written by a soldier who chose to become complementary official and continued even after the conflict some career in the army, removing itself from the interpretation of plotonista coming from the ranks of the bourgeoisie, and organic, which connotes the majority of Italian memories of war. It is essentially a bildungsroman, the more honest because they thought not for publication, but conceived as a kind of self-examination by the author, a memoir in which subsequent choices that mirror will find written feedback. The soldier who sees military service as an opportunity for growth, rather than a conviction sets, located in theLibyan company the opportunity to participate at beginning of his nation.

This testimony does not advance presumptions of validity General, maybe not even raise their voices and just tell a story, one among many, but the story of an Italian, for which their nation was still a fact worthy of sacrifice and dedication and not just the entity whose attribute, with Solomonic indifference, all sorts of shortcomings and failings.

Giocondo Bonotto

Giocondo Bonotto, Marostica was born on July 3, 1891 by Giovanni Battista Elizabeth and Dark Bonotto of profession agriculturist. Giocondo is the youngest of four siblings. Let parents and brothers Caesar, Attilio and Maria, a little less than twenty enlisted volunteer for war in Libya with the Verona Mountain Battalion. Join from the outset, always with alpine troops, to the great war, centered in the Bassano battalion, and was promoted to second lieutenant. After being wounded onMount Ortigara knows in Liguria during convalescence Anna Maria Ferrante, elementary school teacher there displaced from Vicenza where it was feared theinvasion of the Austrians. He married Anna Maria soon after the end of World War II, from whom he had two sons, Armando and Adriana, only surviving daughter.

Itinera Projects

TheItinera Projects takes its name from the Latin iter (journey, route), was founded with the intent to lead the reader on a journey through the history and culture of our country. Founded in Bassano del Grappa in 2000, as the publishing house specializing in studies of the history and culture of Veneto, over the years, and thanks to the constant contribution of historians and enthusiasts now have become friends, he oriented his publications study of s., of Italian and Austrian sourceon the first world war.

With over 50 publications to his credit and a constantly evolving Publishing catalogue theItinera Projects stands among the major independent Italian companies in the field ofspecialized publishing. Alongside, and if we complete, our main editorial line constituted by the Historical necklace in necklaces were the winged lion, dedicated to the study of history, folklore and Venetian culture, Itineraries, which includes our guide storicoescursionistiche on Italian territory, and last in order of time but not of importance, iron Memories, a limited edition series dedicated to specialist and technical aspects of military history.

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