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Hoga Zait 2015, laver and Treschè Roana, final day of the Festival the Cimbric

Sunday 19/7/2015
Hoga zait 2015 Terra Australis a Treschè Conca

Hoga Zait 2015, laver and Treschè Roana, final day of the Festival Cimbro, Asiago plateau July 19, 2015

Hoga Zait 2015 ends his program Sunday, July 19, 2015 in Roana and Treschè Conca, Asiago plateau.

The program provides, before the final night, a historical re-enactment "Roana Cimbro Village" in Piazza Santa Giustina - Giustina Holiga Platz - Roana from morning till 17.00 hours then finished the edition of 2015 in Treschè Basin, with the beginning of the festivities from 18.00.



From the morning at 17.00: Piazza Santa Giustina-Giustina Holiga Platz
Historical re-enactment "Roana Village Cimbro"


Hours: 18.00 PalaSilvio
The beginning of the final evening of the Festival; Reenactment of the "Cimbrian Life at the time of migration '

Hours 19.00: Cimbrian Dinner (on reservation at the Pro Loco)

21.00 Hours: the story of Mario Rigoni Stern

"A letter from Australia", the "fairy tale high" Meadow; reading fairy tales and songs with Viola and Alexandra Moses Rigoni Stern-Terra Australis, Mimi & the Dancing Kookaburra

Live stream with Australia at about 23.00

Terra Australis, Mimi & the Dancing Kookaburra

Christian Marconicini: percussion
Andrea Bozzolin: percussion
Florio Pond: didgeridoo
Paola Maya: choreography dance costumes

Cristian Macdonald and Andrew Bozzolin, percussionists, the first combined African rhythms and then experiment with new sounds and rhythms, as the Cuban sounds warm and Arabic rhythms. Meeting with Florio Pond the loroesperienze blend sounds Australian and thus was born the project "Terra Australis". It is the beginning of an adventure full of energy and enthusiasm, which includes now also the dancer and choreographer Paola Maya.


The son of immigrants from the Veneto, Florio Pond was born in Myrtleford in the State of Victoria in Australia. Musician, writer and artist, is the promoter of cultural events related toAustralia that he made in collaboration with theAustralian Embassy in Rome and with several universities, schools and Government agencies.

EVENT sponsored by the AUSTRALIAN EMBASSYis a prestigious recognition: demonstrating the' unconditional support of the Australian Government for the Festival, acknowledging and endorsing cultural aspects contained in the program. The Australian Government attaches "great value to a cultural initiative involving our two countries in shedding light on the origins of our peoples".

For information and reservations contact the municipality of Roana pressing buttons below.

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