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Moreno Panozzo's studio house transformed into a film set

Published 11 Oct 2018 - 18.03
Riprese film Come Fratelli ad Asiago a casa di Moreno Panozzo

"A high-level location," says director Luciano Luminelli, who represents a greater value for the film"

  •      Giornale l'Altopiano 6 ottobre 2018
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A week of ciak in the Plateau for the filming of the film directed by Luciano Luminelli "Come Brothers" that will be in cinemas at Christmas.
The set was set up in the studio house of the High Pian artist Moreno Panozzo in Paganini Street. A special and magical place, a short walk from the center of Asiago.

But how did the idea of involving Moreno Panozzo and take advantage of his beautiful home come about?
Director Luciano Luminelliexplains this.
"It was by Patrizia Dal Toso (of the Rossi Distillery, among the sponsors of the film. ndr) to suggest this idea. He knew we were looking for a high-end location such as a villa. Arriving in asiago we were grounded because this atalier house is a real location. We didn't have to do anything ourselves, just put the equipment and the actors in and shoot the scenes. An extraordinary location that will be a plus value even for thefilm."

Will we talk about the Plateau and Moreno Panozzo in the film?
"Of course. You can see a lot of Moreno Panozzo, not only his house but also his works that are often filmed. And then during a scene he will also be mentioned in a direct way by one of the protagonists of the film. A beautiful showcase, also for the territory, because the path of presentation of the film will be of a national and international character with the participation of the film at various festivals. In short, we'll take him for a little walk around theplanet."

In the film you will also see some images in the outside taken in Gallio. As brothers it will be in cinemas at Christmas.

Moreno Panozzo saw his house literally turned upside down for a week to accommodate equipment and the film's cast. About thirty people were filming from room to room during the five days of theshooting. An authentic
camp, at times even difficult to manage.
" For me itwas a life experience, a story with beautiful content that integrated well with this environment. The presence of my works has definitely made a nice emotional contribution. How else did the film make a nice contribution
to my Atelier, to this structure that I think has a nice magic content. Cinema in general then is magic and so this union has created some really particular alchemies."

The Artist of the Highlands also underlines the importance that initiatives like these hold for the entire Plateau ofthe Seven Municipalities.
"Ithink it's a great opportunity for the territory to welcome these proposals. When they introduced me, I immediately embraced it because everything that talks about us, if well done, I think brings great opportunities and different values added. Our territory deserves to be revisited, reinterpreted, shown in a new light. Art is a great form of communication as is cinema. I believe that combining these and other forces, with the indispensable contribution of all, can only do great good to thePlateau."

The president of the Montana Union and Mayor of Gallio, Emanuele Munari, also had an active part in this.
"As amunicipality of Gallio," he says, "we took care of the hospitality of a part of the crew and the cast, who were staying at the Hotel Gaarten. One part was housed at the Meltar Resort. I want to give a great acclaim to Moreno who in addition to making himself known with his art outside the Plateau contributes in different ways to spread the name of our territory and to enhance it with different initiatives also in the field of tourism".

Stefania Longhini

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Alessandro Gassmann e Neri MarcorèA CAST OF ESECTION

Two children from different social backgrounds. A shared childhood in Rome. Then, the difficulties and sweat for Mauro, the bored wealth for Fabio: two lives that take different paths, between climbs and descents.
Until the unexpected encounter in Veneto: a magical territory, which becomes the real protagonist of the film that Luciano Luminelli - Roman director, in the second film after a lifetime behind Monicelli's chair - also shot in the Plateau.
Among the protagonists are Simone Montedoro,as the rich and bored Fabio, Stefano Pesce, the distrabadl writer Mauro. Then there's SebastianoSomma, as a priest, and Astra Lanz,mother of the poorest co-star.
And then again Alessandro Gassmann, Neri Marcorè, Sabrina Knaflitz and BarbaraLivi, just to mention the main ones.


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