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Tribute to Vaia: the proposal of the artist Panozzo for the first anniversary of the devastation

Published 11 Oct 2019 - 17.01

Progetto Research of light - Tribute to Vaia - Moreno Panozzo

  •      Giornale l'Altopiano 5 ottobre 2019
  • The article is taken from the 15th l'Altopiano issue on Saturday, October 5, 2019, which can be purchased at all newsagents in the Plateau.
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Devastation as a source of new and great opportunities, a starting point to project with hope and new vigour towards the future.

On the first anniversary of Storm Vaia,from the Plateau we want to send a strong message of rebirth.
The Asian artist Moreno Panozzo,making a synthesis between his love for the territory, his deep sensitivity and his artistic flair appreciated now at the international level, has conceived and designed, using the help of his
trusted team, what could be the first and unforgettable "Tribute to Vaia".

On 29 October,at 6.29 pm, the exact day and time when the blackout began which then lasted for days in all the Seven Municipalities, the event entitled"Research of
" could bring the name of the Plateau into the world spotlight, thanks to the originality of this proposal that for the moment is still on paper.

The protagonists of this moment of commemoration will not be, as has happened so far, the fallen trees, symbol of devastation, well the light and sound,messengers of life. The after Vaia in the Plateau must not have, according to Moreno Panozzo,the stamp of death, but the seal of creation.

"I thought ofan extraordinary event, adapting to the occasion an idea that had few precedents in the world – says the artist – like the Peace Tower Image,the tall tower of light projected by a white stone monument with the words "Imagine peace" wanted by Yoko Ono and dedicated to her husband John Lennon made on the island of Vishey in Kollafj'r'ur Bay near Reykjavik, Iceland".

Every little detail of Panozzo's project has a really deep meaning from the place where it was initially thought to be realized: the trampoline of the Pakstall of Gallio.

"One of the places affected by Vaia,but also an abandoned structure that thanks to this event and a wider planning for the future could come back to life. Central is the idea of the trampoline. A strong symbol to tell what, in some respects, the Vaia phenomenon has meant for the Plateau: a leap that projects the territory into an unexpected future but that constitutes fertile ground for a tourism revival".

Right from the peak of the trampoline should start a lightloop projected towards infinity,as vertical as are the fir sprung. A white comet light,which recalls theorigin of life. From there on the descent of the trampoline would start two rays of lava red light to which two rays still white comet.
"Theproject – underlines the artist – is adaptable, making the necessary changes, to any place even outside the Plateau".

"Inall this," explains Panozzo, "they merge in perfect synthesis, the past more than 100 years away, when the blood of thousands of soldiers drenched the mountains on which they were then planted and grew lush millions of fir trees, the recent past just a year ago when the storm uprooted these trees and the future with the rebirth of the woods."

Before this bright message, on October 29 at 6.29 pm, a minute of blackout,so that this anniversary can be truly commemorated in every house.

"Thesoundtrack that should accompany the tribute – concludes Moreno – was specially made by processing the sounds of nature that is actually the absolute protagonist of the performance: a violent nature and manipulated,which often rebels with uncontrollable phenomena such as storm Vaia,and on the respect of which a better future is based for our planet."



Research of light - Tribute to Vaia

Commemoration initiative,of tribute,to one of the most catastrophic events that have ever happened in northern Italy. Storm Vaia 29 October 2018.


Panozzo's chosen location for the project is the trampoline of the Pakstall of Gallio,one of the places affected by Vaia.



Moreno Panozzo was born in Asiago (VI) in 1963. L'artista Moreno Panozzo
Since 1986 he has been operating in Milan,and since 2003 he has moved and worked in the most significant cities and capitals around the world.

Trained designer, he deals with architecture, set design, graphics, fashion and literature. A strong personality draws his artistic path by expressing important conceptual content.

His entire background is documented and archived in art history books, monographs, museum collections, magazines and volumes published in multiple languages and in different countries.
has appeared in national and international newspapers and in numerous television broadcasts. He collaborates with several magazines and production companies.

Study, research and experimentation lead him to anabstract-conceptual expression that wants to measure itself with the territory, with the archilettonic and urban space.
Using unique techniques and researching materials of recovery expressed there, he gave birth to bioart.

He is currently in charge of international artistic/cultural designs on issues concerning the preservation and sustainability of the planet.
Many of these initiatives are recognized, shared and sponsored by the world's leading institutions, such as the European Parliament andUNESCO.


Moreno Panozzo's Atelier is a charming abode located in the tranquility and greenery of Asiago,where you can spend a stay in the name of art and well-being.

The house-atelier is a one-of-a-kind place, where Nature, Art and Luxury blend perfectly to ensure guests anexclusive experienceof relaxation, well-being and regeneration.

The rooms are large and bright,furnished with numerous works signed by the artist, materials and objects of different shapes, colors, styles and eras, which as a whole create a perfect harmony and an environment with a style unique,where you can spend romantic moments as a couple or a special stay with family or small groups of friends.

TheAtelier Moreno Panozzo is also perfect for photo shoots, fashion shows, product presentation,company meetings, commercials, television shoots, films and films events of various kinds.

For more information and to request the availability of the atelier, click the button:

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