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A day of trekking on Mount Cengio and Fort Corbin on the Asiago Plateau

Video escursione sul Monte Cengio e Forte Corbin

Exciting video of an excursion to Mount Cengio, with a final visit to Fort Corbin

In this video made by friend David Dal Brun,we are accompanied along one of the most appreciated and significant trails of theAsiago Plateau: Mount Cengio.
During the First World War it was the scene of important battles and today the mule, tunnels, trenches and military postsremain visible and passable.

The roars of war have been replaced by the silence of the mountain and a rich and colorful flora, which accompanies us hikers along the route. The traces of what happened are still clearly visible and make the whole route even more evocative and fascinating.

An undemanding path that allows you to combine a place of high historical value with beautiful landscapes, for a perfect union between history and nature.

In the last part of the video we are escorted inside the Fort of Punta Corbin,the largest of the Plateau.
Once the site of heated fighting, today it serves as a museum. Built in 1906 and fully restored, it is fully open to the interior.
A unique place, suitable for the curious of all ages.

Author: David Dal Brun
Date: 4/20/2019


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