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THEY set the PRATI di Ermanno Olmi becomes the destination of guided tours

Published 15 Oct 2014 - 10.11

Set di Torneranno i Prati

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Guided visits to the trenches built in Val Gardens to filming Return i prati di Ermanno Olmi. Will be offered every Sunday from October 19 to November 23, on 1 and 2 November , and other dates aimed at schoolchildren.

The carers associations guides will Guide the plateau and Asiago Guide. The film set, located a short distance from the Director's House, becomes a destination for fans of Chinas tourism, but also to the merely curious.

"Once you have completed work on the film , explains the head of tourism Chiara Stefani all material and all objects used for the scenes are obviously been taken away. In the Gardens remains a shell void in which we thought of setting up an exhibition of photographs taken during filming".

On 4 November the film will be premiered in Rome (on 6 November in Asiago). To coincide with the release of the feature film in cinemas, visits the set surely will be a great reason of interest.

"What whatever you would like to get -adds Clare Stefani - is that visits in gardens, where we will set of totems that recall the real trenches visited to the Ecomuseo Grande Guerra, act as a stimulus for excursions further up, on places where it is really fought."

Guided tours are free of charge. With regard to the trenches in the area Off, above Val Ant, everything has already been dismantled: the large amount of snow during the winter, in fact, had practically destroyed everything.

"It would be nice that in Val Gardens could remain a permanent tourist site -says Councilor Stefani we are evaluating a bit ' all conditions that can allow it, remembering that we are still on private land and that these preparations are not eternal and if you want to keep them there is need of continuous maintenance. We'll see what we can do. "

Stefania Longhini

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