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This Asiago.it webcam offers interesting views of Asiago's Military Sacrament and the stunning landscape of Leiten Hill,from which the property dominates the entire city.
The imposing ossuary stands at 1,058 meters above sea level and is one of the main military shrines of the Great War. Inside, in fact, are buried the remains of 54,286 Italian and Austro-Hungarian fallen,who lost their lives on the Plateau during the First World War: 34,286 bodies, of which 21,491 unknown, are of Italian soldiers, while the remaining 20,000,of which 11,762 are unnamed Austro-Hungarian.
The bodies come from 35 war cemeteries that existed before its construction on theAsiago Plateau.

Opened in 1938 in the presence of King Victor Emmanuel III, the Shrine of Leiten was designed by the Venetian architect Orpheus Rossato. It consists of two main parts: the lower Crypt,square base with a side of 80 meters, and the large Upper Triumph Arch, 47 meters high.

Inside the Crypt, in the loculi of the large perimeter and axial galleries,are kept the remains of the known Fallen, whose names are estilled in alphabetical order on the individual loculi. The bodies of unidentified soldiers, on the other hand, are gathered in large common graves in the galleries closest to the octagonal-based central votive chapel, in which the remains of 12 decorated soldiers of the Gold Medal of Military Valorare buried.

Near the entrance to the Crypt, there is the Museum of the Sacrario of Asiago,where you can admire old war memorabilia,coming from what were the main battlefields of the Plateau, as well as documents,testimonies and photographs of the time. The exhibition is divided into two different thematic parts:the first is dedicated to the first two years of the war, namely 1915 and 1916; the second, however, recalls the war events of 1917-1918.

Exiting outside the Crypt, you can access the top via awide staircase,35 meters wide. This will reach the vast terrace above, in the center of which rises for 47 meters the imposing Triumphal Arch of Roman architecture that characterizes the entire structure, with votive ploughs placed in the middle.

From the terrace of the Sacrario of Asiago you can admire the places that, during the Great War,were the scene of bloody battles. Thanks to the arrows on the parapet of the terrace, you can easily recognize the most important peaks, namely the Pasubio,the Spitz of Tonezza, the Mount Zebio, the Mount Verena,the Melettes of Gallio,the Sisemol, Valbella, the Mount Lemerle and Mount Cengio.

From the forecourt at the foot of the Military Sacrament of the city of Asiago,you can head along the picturesque Ferragh trail,which winds eastward through fields and pastures of the Plateau and from which you can admire the impressive military construction by walking through nature. Part of this path is also covered during the traditional Great Rogation of Asiago,a journey of faith of about 33 km that every year involves the entire Highland population.

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